Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring is Here, and so is my Visitor

Spring is here to stay, it really is...hope I didn't jinx it.
This was the first May long weekend that it didn't snow. It rained, that I could handle.
With all the rain, some of my flowers came up :)
I was so impressed with this photo I took that I made it my desk top :)
 ITS BAAACK.  The skunk is back.
The little bugger dug a hole beside the big block I put in its way. As you can see it some how moved the nail board.
So tonight, when it is hopefully out of there looking for grubs (or what ever the hell it eats) I will put another block beside this one and jam the nail boards all around it.
I seriously hope it hasn't had its babies yet.
If this doesn't do the trick, then I am going to make a welcome sign, place it above the hole and hope they enjoy their stay under my work shed.
I know when I am defeated, lol.
My list for today was a long one.
My checked off list..was a short one.
Kristy wanted me to take her to the mall on her spare. I really didn't want to...but ofcourse I caved.
I did tidy up a bit today. But I haven't unpacked my supplies from the weekend.

I hear blogger is having problems with posting comments lately. I hope not as I plan to check out blogs for the rest of the evening :)

Proud Tuesday:
Did my walk this morning.
Spent part of the afternoon with Kristy.
Did a couple of things on my Todo list.
That is about it, and I had to scrape to put up those :)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. You know, if the skunk wanted in THAT badly....maybe there ARE babies....yikes. Just sayin'.

    Beautiful flowers!

    Snow on May 2-4 weekend? Are you nuts?

  2. welcome flowers, plants, sun and heat

    and also for pets that enjoy it!
    I'm happy today, I received visits
    family for a delicious coffee!
    happy day with flowers of all colors for you!

  3. Love the pic of your flowers! A skunk huh? We have wild cottontail bunnies around here that get pretty annoying. Hope it doesn't stay long and if it does, I hope it doesn't bother you too much :0) As far as getting anything done today, nope! I did absolutely nothing but play around on my laptop a bit, watch a little tv and drink a lot of cappuccino. Guess where I will be all night, lol :0)Hugs!!!!

  4. Your flowers are so pretty. That stinks about you skunk (no pun intended.) My husband actually likes the smell of skunk. He said they should bottle it up and make make a cologne out of it. I told him he is nuts!

  5. Your picture IS beautiful! Maybe I'll make it my background too! Haha! That dang skunk. I hope you get it blocked out this time! My only issues with blogger, were when I was trying to post comments from my phone.

    Oh, those rhinestones, were all connected. Shhh, I cheated!

  6. Pretty, pretty flowers- Tracy.
    I hope you solve your skunk issues.
    Spending a couple of days working taking care of the itty bitties.
    Non stop rain--MT is in a state of emergency with flooding issues.

  7. love your picture. It is worthy of a desk top pic. I will miss ya this week. Hope the skunk leaves. have hubby- sorry pee over there. LOL it works. Only thing I know of to tell ya.
    hugs my friend.

  8. I LOVE your picture! I would get that framed. I never thought of having hubby pee to keep the skunk away. LOL! Whatever works, right? I was proud that I took a 3 mile walk. Felt great! :-)

  9. Well, that little "stinker" :-) guess it thinks under your work shed is mire posh digs than anywhere else.

    Caught up on all I've missed and it has been a lot! You girls all had fun at your getaway. A whole weekend to create at all hours :-). Love the tags/window envelope pockets you've made. Pea's mini is coming along nicely.

    Spring has finally come to your area with a bright show of color. Makes a person smile wide.

  10. The flowers are REALLY pretty! I have a ton of flowers, but there never seems to be a bunch in bloom at any one time. :(

    I'm guessing there ARE babies under that there shed & if having the hubby pee on it gets rid of them, I'd have him cover every inch of the perimeter & at least a foot away too, just for safe measure!

  11. LOL! Well, that stone really is perfect for a lovely painted "SKUNK LIVES HERE" LOL! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  12. Tracy,
    Great pic of the flowers, they are now my desktop background :)
    Happy to hear that Spring is making it to your neck of the woods

  13. Ha, love the skunk battle! And the flowers are gorgeous!

  14. I hope that your skunk gets the hint. Very pretty flowers. I got my walk in yesterday too, despite trying to come up with 101 excuses not to but I am glad that I did.

  15. Oh man....a visitor I would not want. Hopefully nobody goes out and surprises it..:(

  16. EWHHHHHH SKUNK! I look forward to seeing who wins! LOVE the flowers. Mine are just starting to come in. All this rain! At least there's no snow!

  17. aw. the weather just cleared up here so it looks like i have to start scratching things off my list out now... i hope your and your little buddy make nice.

  18. Yay flowers! Boo skunk! LOL


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