Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Friends

Today was a happy mail day :)
I received mail from two cricut queens.
Schell sent me these cutouts she made for a mini I want to make for one of my daughters. I was going to put up a video but YouTube is being difficult.
Are these not the cutest. The silver is metallic. So neat.
 She also made me this pretty card :)
Love the fun spring colours.
Thanks Schell.
I also received another surprise. Stacy from Love that Bug sent me this card.
How sweet is she.
Oh I just love happy mail. I am just blown away by how thoughtful and caring you ladies are.
Well Hubby didn't catch the skunk. But he did catch one of those mutant squirrels.
He was so proud.
But then I went to take this photo, and the poor thing was so scared. Kept chirping away, gathered all this grass in the trap to try and hide under. It just broke my I let it out.
Kristy didn't want me to, as she thought daddy would be angry with me.
LOL. Ya right, he never gets mad at me ;)
When I let it go, it took off like a bat out of hell. Then he ran up the fence, looked at me and started chirping at me.
I was like "Hey, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here right now buddy. So go and warn your friends. And tell them to stay out of our yard and bird feeder"!
Kristy just shook her head. I don't know why, I talk to everything. lol.

Onto My Day:
I spent most of my morning at the hospital waiting for some pre-tests I needed to get done before my angiogram on Wednesday. I needed blood work, ECG and a chest x-rays.
Yup 3 hours of my day I won't get back. But I did get to read my novel.
I also saw 2 childhood friends there. My one friend was waiting for her husband, so we sat and chatted for a while.
You know your getting old when you run into your ol' friends at the hospital or at the clinic, lol. And here I thought 43 was still young ;)

Hope you had a creative day today.



  1. I would have let him go, too! :)

    Love your little cricut batch of goodies! It has been so long since I played with mine. *sigh*

  2. Poor thing, I would have let him go too!
    Happy Mail, oh the joy of happy mail! Lucky girl. They are all awesome and nothing sweeter then a sweet note from friends. I stare at your card every time I am at the P.c.
    yes, I am home for a short break. Posted to blog and youtube. yea, on a roll chickie. LOL
    I love these images would be darling for a recipe book.
    Gots to go pack/put away goodies for my trip back tomorrow.
    Have a great week and I will thinking of you on Wednesday my friend.
    Hey while you are laid up for a days play with your markers.
    big hugs,Pea

  3. ooh, the happy mail looks like alot of fun!

    I love your copic collection...I'm a little jealous as I only have 9 and it's a little hard to color alot of different images with just 4 colors!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Tracy,
    I too would of let that little squirrel, as well as yell at him if he chirped at me lol
    Congrats on your happy mail! I love those cuts. I have been wanting "From my kitchen", but have been holding out

  5. I would have done the EXACT SAME THING with the squirrel! LOL! YAY for happy mail!!!!

  6. What cute die cuts Schell sent! I just love her stuff!!! That was a sweet card Stacy sent too :) Maybe that squirrel was your critter? I hope you scared him away!

  7. Fun happy mail. The die cuts are really cute. I try to make mine cute like this but they never seem to have that flair to them. Can't wait to see hwat you create with them. :)

  8. Fun mail! That is a huge squirrel

  9. I'm so glad you like them all! I can't wait to see how Kristy's book turns out :0) I would have let the squirrel go also, kind of sad to see them trapped and scared. Hugs!!!!

  10. Those diecuts are so cute! A least you caught one critter. I probably would haave let him go too..

  11. I would have been much worse if it was a skunk. I keep thinking who was going to take the trap and not get sprayed, lol. I would have let the squirrel go too. The squirrels are everywhere so why even bother.

    Sorry about your lost time. If it makes you feel any better I spent 3 hours showing condos in 100 degree heat! Good thing I really like my client it was like spending the day with my friend.

  12. We had to set traps to catch skunks several years ago, and I went out one morning to find our cat in the trap! Sending best wishes for good results from your angiogram on Wednesday.

  13. I would have let the squirrel go too. Hope you have fun with those Die Cuts.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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