Sunday, May 22, 2011

When it rains it pours.

I worked on my mini album all day today, and finished all the pages. But I can't show you it yet.
So I will show you the Window Envelope Pocket with Tags that I made yesterday.
 I am going to make so many of them that I started to do it assembly style.
I am really liking how they are turning out.
 Here are all the cards Sharon made this weekend. She also put together a 2 page scrapbook layout.
Sharon has her Christmas cards made for the next 2 years.

Ashley came back to camp this morning. We told her we missed her, so she came back ;)

We went for a short walk today. As we were heading out, Sharon noticed that her back tire was completely flat. I told her that we could phone CAA, as I have it. Then I thought she should have it as well as you got it free when you purchase a new vehicle. So I phoned for her, and yup she had it also.
So they sent a guy to come and change the tire. Well it started to pour. By the time the guy got to camp, there were streams of water running in the driveway. Put it this way...the guy wasn't to happy. 

We watched Tangled before bed, which was about 1:00 am.

Another creative day. Hope yours was:)



  1. Nothing worse than getting a flat tire in the rain...oh, unless you get one in the rain out in the middle of nowhere!

    Adorable tags. Love the birdcages.

  2. Wow, busy little bees at camp :0) All looks great! Hugs!

  3. Sounds like you had a fen and productive weekend! Love how the tags a turning out!

  4. Ooooh these tags are beautiful! :o)

  5. You finished the MINI???? OMG! The suspense.... Can't wait for the video!
    The tags are beautiful & so are sharon's cards.
    Flat tire in pouring rain and not being the guy to change it? Priceless. LOL
    Have a wonderful week. Will be stalking your you tube. LOL

  6. Am loving the tags, I have been so and stuff but off on holiday thursday and looking forward to a break, hope to get back and visit after then. x blogger won't let me comment under my blog accound? but it's me here

  7. I love those tags! They are so pretty!! I am pretty jealous you had a girls weekend :-) I need one of those!!

  8. Still loving the tags :) Crap, that's A LOT of cards! Really, two years worth? I wonder if the tire guy would have rather changed the tire in the snow and ice?

  9. These are lovely Tracy. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I noticed you left one on my blog giveaway. Don't forget to become a follower to be eligible to win.
    To answer your question- I grew up in Perth Road which is just north of Kingston. I've enjoyed reading your blog and am now a follower.


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