Saturday, March 10, 2012

All shopped out....Not ;)

I hope you don't think I am bragging showing all the goodies I purchased today.
But a lot of you wanted to see what I was going to get.
Remember I don't shop like this on a regular bases. But when we go away I allow myself to go CRAZY,  and that's what I did, lol
So without further ado, heeeeres Tracy's Treasures, teehee. I crack myself up sometimes.

The first stop was Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
Picked up some dies, I found them Schell :)
Some pretty 6x6 paper packs and stamps.
So happy to find some Pure Innocence stamps :)

Second stop was Scrapbooks Too.
The new G45 12x12  and 8x8 paper packs. Chipboard pieces for this same paper collection and for ABC Primer collection chipboard.
3 more 6x6 paper packs. Yes I am loving these size papers.

These were also from Scrapbooks Too.
Some more cute Pure Innocence stamps :)

And last, but of course not least, we had to stop off at Cabela's for my hubby.
But these are not for him, they are for me ;)
Those bear claws are for my secret stash. Yes I hide my chocolate, I know you do too.
I also picked up some fudge:)
The Peeps are from the mall, but had to include them in the photo :)

I also have some photos from my Joanns and Archivers visits. But I don't want you to get over stimulated, you know what happens when this happens with the little ones, they can't get to sleep, and they get fussy, lol.
Plus I will save them just in case I don't buy anything tomorrow...ya right, lol.

We went to Olive Garden for supper tonight.
That is where Heather wanted to go for her birthday dinner.
It was pretty good, but Wayne and I still want our Red Lobster ;)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lol on not wanting to over stimulate us!
    So cool to have found the innocence stamps in a shop. I love the ABC primer!! Fell in love with it on Tara Orr's blog- very jealous! ;0) have fun with your treasures and looking forward to o more of your "shares"!

  2. Ooohhh, I am salivating over all those wonderful paper pads, especially the 6x6 ones. I have to tell you I will sleep tonight but I will be dreaming of all the cute cards I could make with all that yummy paper! LOL

    Are you going to be able to watch WD Sunday? Gosh, I don't know that I can watch these last two episodes without you. tee-hee

  3. Looks like you had lots of good shopping in Minneapolis. Sometimes I like the smaller paper pads.
    One more day of work and one more sleep and we are headed out the door and will see daughter #2 before we head to paradise.

  4. You are not bragging , Wow show me craft goodies anytime I am hooked !!.
    You are so lucky,and I am so jealous !!
    I have spent my crafty budget for March already and its not even halfway through.
    I can still dream though .
    Have a simply Fabulous time using all these goodies.
    Hugs Elaine

  5. I am completely shocked with your paper choices. It looks like you raided my stash! I just got in those exact papers except the G45 ABC primer. I got the entire line of Old Curiosity Shoppe because I thought it would be great for layouts of my husband because a) he's an oddity himself and b) he's a doctor and thought it fitting. Works for my son too because he likes tinkering and is a little strange too. I'm surprised though because it does have a floating leg LOL. I also got songbird from Prima (along with 3 other lines of prima) and the this and that charming collection. Hmm. I think I'll let you do all the work and just copy what you do LOL.

    BTW I see the naked peeps but where is the chocolate covered peep!?

  6. Yay, I love your shopping posts! Like I said before I feel like I went shopping with you :) I too love the 6x6 paper pads, I feel like I don't waste as much paper with them. Let me ask you about those Pure Innocence stamps, why don't they have faces? Do you draw them in or leave them blank? Hope you're all having a great time!!

  7. Are you kidding, I love to see what people can buy :) There could be something I haven't seen before! OMG! :)
    Great stuff and I love the peeps too :)
    I'll bet there could be something scrappy at Cabelas too....besides chocolate I mean :)

  8. I love all the paper choices... looks like what I'm adding to my stash as soon as I decide WHERE I'm going to buy them... LOL That's the decision that takes the longest for me, I think..hehe..

  9. Yay, so glad you found some dies! I just discovered the La La Land Marci stamps online, that's a cute one you have there:0) As always, awesome goodies! Hugs!

  10. Oh Tracey...what lovely goodies! I know what you mean about going crazy in the States. The prices are so good and so many things we can't get here. I like to go a little crazy too!

  11. I had no idea Cabela's had chocolate. I've eaten at their cafe though.

  12. Unfortunately everyone knows my hiding spots. The chocolate covered peeps are to die for! And if you like coconut....the Dove coconut creme eggs. Yum!

  13. you crack me up! i see a baking girl! Oh goodness. tee hee. color frenzy.... LOL

  14. I love seeing all the stash you make me feel less guilty haha! Mind you, you also show me things that make me want to shop more lol!!!

  15. woo hoo!! Lovin' your haulage.. especially all the papers. I'm such a paper addict -- and 6x6 is a DEFINITE weakness. I always feel as if I can't buy just ONE pad because, uh hello, there's that much more to spend now that I didn't get the 12x12.. ahaha! (And we would've had to stop @ Cabela's as well for my Hubs ;-) -- out here we have Bass Pro, so the boys do THEIR "window shopping" trips there when they want a day out. heh)


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