Sunday, March 11, 2012

All shopped out...Round 2

Here is the next episode of Tracy's Treasures buying spree, lol.
I had some fun at Joanns yesterday :)

And here are my goodies from yesterdays Archivers visit.
I think I am addicted to these 6x6 paper packs.
I found the Magnolia magazine at Barns and Noble. Love this magazine.

Here is today's Archivers goodies.
As I was debating about which paper packs to pick up, Wayne walks up behind me and says "Don't feel that you need to leave anything behind". LOL
I thought he was being funny and just teasing me, but he said no, I want you to get everything you want. Gotta love this guy ;)

There was only one thing on my list that I needed to get on this trip. It was a cuttle bug plate as I broke my good one before we left. I am happy to say I finally found it.
Look Mary Pat, I found the punch too ;)

I have a pissy story to share.
I was at Michael's (Hub mini mall) and the coupon I gave her expired yesterday. I apologized saying that I didn't even read it. I also mentioned that I was from Canada and just printed them up late the night we left.
The sales lady said to me "Being from Canada is no excuse. There are a lot of excuses from being from Canada, but that isn't one of them.
I was a bit ticked and asked her what she meant by that.
She didn't have an answer for me and just gave a little laugh.
She did honor the coupon, even though it had expired.
I thanked her and paid with a big bill, first asking her if she had change for it.
She told me yes.
Knowing that they would rather have small bills in their till, I told her she could give me a $50.00 and some smaller bills.
She said to me....You'll get what I give you.
I was a bit flabbergasted as to her attitude. I didn't know what to say.
But I did say something not to nice under my breath as I walked away.

After all this rich eating we have been doing these last few days.
I am planning on getting back on track with eating healthy and walking daily.
So when I saw this shirt I just had to buy it. Hope it motivates me.
Oh ya, picked up this cute hat as well ;)

Look at all the Girl Guides!!
They were celebrating their 100th year. Here they are waiting to see China, from the Disney channel. They were very excited.
You should have seen the line up waiting to get into Building Bear Workshop.
I saw this little girl in Archivers who had a box from there.
So I asked her did she wait in that long line. Her mom told me they were there at 9:30 and got out of there after 12:00.
I'll tell you that little girl was so excited, that she took her bear (which I learned was named Brownie) out if the box to show me her bear and all the extras she bought for it. So cute.
I was going to show her my cool purchases from Archiver's but I don't think she would find them as exciting, lol.

This has been an awesome mini trip with my family.
Not because of all the shopping (as much as I loved it) but just sharing this time with my family.
My girls are not going to be coming with us for that much matter how much Wayne bribes with, teehee.
I love driving and listening to the conversations.
I even love the teasing the girls like to do to me.
These are the days that I cherish. I wish I could stop time and enjoy my family this way forever. But we all know that time moves on. We just have to make different memories.

I am off to watch Walking Dead now :)
Hope you all had a creative Sunday.

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy I am so floored by that women's behavior to you. My goodness I would have said something to the manager, and probably would have told her that I was doing so due to her rude manner. That ticks me off, if you are working with the public then the least you can do is be respectful of others.
    Okay, WD was amazing, loved it!!! One more episode and the wait will be on again. :(
    I'm with you on getting back to eating healthy and walking, I am so stinkin' out of shape and I feel miserable. I will come over and walk with you! I wish I really could.
    One more thing, I love hearing you share about your family and your love for them, it really does touch my heart. You make my heart smile!

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  3. Looks like you had a great time shopping!I'm making a list ..hehe. We're heading down to WA next weekend, i hope i'm as lucky as you were.. especially with those 6 x 6 paper pads!

    Yeah, that lady was pretty sucky!!! Maybe she didn't like Canadians? ( j/k) Or she was having a bad day.

    I'm glad you were able to spend quality family time =)

  4. OH Tracey...I am drooling. We are going down o America next Sunday. I have my birthday money in hand (and a bit more) and I am so looking forward to it. There is no Archivers but there is Joannes, Michaels, Tuesday morning and Big Lots.

    I am trying to buy non consumables right now (dies, punches, etc) but American shopping is exempt from that rule...LOL
    They just have such good prices it is hard to resist!

    You got some fab bargains...and loved the family stories. Treasure them as they do go their own ways soon and then drift back. We see so much of our married daughter and grandkids. She and her husband value family connections.
    Our single daughter is on a 6 month trip around the world...we miss her so much but are so proud she is able to do this all on her own.
    Happy crafting.

  5. Oh wow, rude, rude, rude!!! Maybe she had a bad day?

    Love all the Maya Road goodies you got! I saw lots of pennants and banners!

    Am heading off the Edmonton w/ my girlie's band as a chaperone! Will be back Thursday. dh is going to paint the inside of the house. It will be my 2 boys baching it!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments Tracy.Hugs Elaine

  7. Sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun. I think I may have complained about that rude cashier though, no need of that. Wow, that is a lot of Girl Guides. You got lots of neat goodies and enjoyed your time with your family, that is all that matters, tfs

  8. Trace you should have spoken to the manager about her attitude & her lack of professionalism. I could just imagine her being awful to a little old lady or a child... *sigh*
    You didn't deserve those MEAN comments...

    *super drool* over all your goodies though =)
    you're so lucky!!!

  9. Wow, how rude! Some people don't realize how horrible they sound I guess. I'm sorry that happened.

    I do love all your purchases! Funny that Wayne always encourages you :) I can't believe you didn't find that book at Archiver's :(

    The end of your post makes me sad. Time goes by so quickly, too quickly.

  10. oh what awesome fun purchases!!! and i LOVE that punch!!! too awesome!!!!!!!

    so glad you and your family had so much fun!!

  11. Great haul, I never get to shop like that when I'm down there. OK that woman was gross to you. How sad she's so angry in her life she feels it's ok to put it on you too. Send her love, she needs it!!! That's what I do.

  12. Wow! You have some great new goodies to play with. Love that shirt, but I am afraid it will take more than that to get me on the treadmill each day.

  13. awesome goodies! That is crazy about the sales lady!

  14. Awesome goodies. That check out person sounds awful. Love the t-shirt!

  15. What a fun post. You made a nice haul. It looks like you were at MOA, I just live north of the cities so if you ever feel you bought too much you could unload some of that stuff at my house:) Too bad you had to deal with such a crab at Michaels. Oh and that T shirt is awesome!!

  16. What a rude person at Michael's! I would have been tempted to leave without buying something or complain to the manager.

    I like the shirt.

  17. Wow! She really was rude :p
    But looks like you have lots of fun goodies to play with now :)

  18. I cannot believe how rude the woman at Michaels was! I've had similar issues with their customer service too - I tried to use a coupon and my teacher's discount...allowed in NY, apparently not allowed in IL...I was ripped apart for trying!

    I love all of your purchases! Especially that you got that punch! Mine came in the mail when I was sick, and I didn't even open it until yesterday when AJ reminded me I had a package! I'm so excited to use it, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Time does go by too fast, I hate that I can't go on those trips with my family anymore because I'm just too far away!

  19. What a great lot of stash....and sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family

  20. Great haul! The Simple Stories paper pads are my favorite. You're going to love that Jenni Bowlin punch.

  21. Great haul! You got so many goodies.
    Wow, that employee seemed to have such a bad attitude. I would have reported her to management or perhaps even cussed her out, lol. You're much more patient and kind than I am!

  22. Now that's a haul to squeal over and then roll in it! LOL You got a bunch of great goodies! If I didn't just do a video of a massive haul I just binged on I'd be mighty jealous. Love the shirt.

    I read stories about rude employees like that all the time. Never once has anyone been that rude to me. I would have punched her in the face (okay maybe not but I definitely would have wanted to)I would not have said anything under my breath though. I've got a big mouth and I'm not afraid to use it.

    I'm surprised that your girls still go with you and I think it's wonderful. I'm at the stage that I would like to go away without my kids (you'll understand if you watch the videos I'm trying to upload).

  23. Wow! I love to see your goodies! Especially liking the Harry Potter papers, since we were just at Universal! That shirt is awesome! Where did you find that?? And I hope you know, all of us from the States are NOT like that lady!!

  24. Wow love all the goodies. I'm wishing I could go to the states just for a day but without the kids! Too hard to shop with them. Hope you have lots of fun creating!$

  25. Looks like your shopping trips were greatly successful - great hauls! Your husband is so sweet - love that he gets it :)

  26. not loving Walking Dead lately, killing off too many lol.
    Love all your goodies. Sounds like you had a great time shopping! Thanks for sharing all the fun :)

  27. Some people have no right to be working with the public and have no manners at all.
    Love me some girl scouts. I was a GS leader for 15 years, while my girls were active members. And Cait was involved with a troop on the coast when she was going to school.
    I love those smaller paper pads too. Especially for making caerds.

  28. glad you have a great trip and I would have been not so nice to that chick at michaels, LOL No reason to be rude. I think your hubby needs to teach Michael about shopping;) LOL great stuff and love the shirt.
    yes, time moves too quickly. my eldest turned 28 today. Oh sad I tell ya. they are moving away further.

  29. Wow you were so lucky what a great time you had and those lovely goodies, have loads of fun using them . My hubby is like yours ...he gets this craft thing , its so nice to share it. I want to bling up my car now !!
    Hugs Elaine

  30. Totally LOVE your stuff! We were thinking about going to the MOA over spring break, but decided it was too much money, especially with the hubby losing 2 days of pay on top of it. Ouch! Maybe later. That pocket watch thing is cool, I might have to stop at Micheal's today after my son's eye Dr. appt. I've noticed that the Micheal's employees are either way too chipper or bitter. I wonder if they get bonus points for being nasty? She definitely got hers that day! I'd send a formal complaint. It's not good for their business to have employees like that.

  31. Love all your hauls girl! I am addicted to 6x6 paper pads too! So glad you got to make some great memories with your family, you are right time does move fast! My odd is already 25! I hate it when I encounter someone with an attitude! She was very rude too! So glad ya'll made it back safely! I have been craving Red Lobster too!
    Hugs my friend!

  32. You buy the most gorgeous stuff Tracy, I love your taste. Take care
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  33. Ok, we'd either have ENORMOUS amounts of fun hauling together OR we'd be stealing products from the others' cart and racing to the check out because we have the same taste in papers & inks & STUFF. LOL Archiver's is the one store I have YET to conquer... but, there is one near Salt Lake City, Utah which is only about an 8 hour drive.. luckily my Hubs is the road tripping type... so I've just been strategizing which special occasion he'll be driving me there for... lol!

  34. Looks like the spoils of your shopping were great despite the sales clerk who wanted to spoil your shopping. I always wish that when that happens to me (more than you would think it could or should) that it will give me a telephone or internet survey so that I can report my displeasure - but it never happens that way, so I just try and remember that we all have bad days now and again.

  35. Tracy, I don't know if you take 35 down to MOA but if you do there's an awesome scrapbook store right off of 35E about an hour north of the cities. I rank it right up there with Archivers! I've never seen a LSS as big.


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