Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baking and some mushrooms

I coloured for a bit today.
But I felt off.
I'm not going to pick it apart and tell you all the flaws with this one, you can do that yourself, lol. But do you notice that she has a birthmark on her cheek.
Ya, I dropped the dark blue marker on her face, just as I was almost complete colouring her.
You know I never practice, I use almost everything that I do, so I gave her the Marilyn Monroe look ;)
I don't think I am finished with her, I may paper piece her apron, not sure yet.

I had the munchies tonight, so I thought I would fry up some mushrooms. Hubby jumped in the shower, so I was going to give him half of them when he came out.
But before I knew it I ate them all.
He didn't know I was going to cook some up, so I just put away my plate and didn't say a word.
Wayne comes out of the shower and says, it smells like someone cooked up some mushrooms.

 I got a bit to close for the photo on this one, lol

Onto My Day:
The girls (my daughters) and I were going to check out some open houses. But they all needed a lot of work on them. So we didn't go today. There are some more tomorrow, so we will see.

I worked on a tag, and coloured this image.
That about it for me today.
Tomorrow is the last episode of the season for the Walking Dead :(
They are going to show all the episodes from this season, so tomorrow is going to be a Walking Dead marathon :)
It is suppose to rain tomorrow so I don't have to feel guilty about staying in all day :)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. BROL! Ok the mushroom story is kinda funny because I loooove fried mushrooms too and could sit down and eat nothing but that. Lucky me hubby doesn't care for them as much. He'd rather a bag of potato chips. Bugger. Love the shading on her dress. Great job!

  2. It is nice to see that you embraced the error because it turned out great.

  3. Oh I think she is adorable, and I'm sure her name is Marilyn!
    Oh my goodness I love mushrooms too, Jer hates them so when I make them they are all mine! When I fry mine I add onions and garlic or garlic salt and of course I have to fry them in butter. I really did laugh when I read how you tried to do away with the evidence of the shrooms. :p
    I'm sure you know you will hear from me after the finale tomorrow night!

  4. Oh you little mushroom thief! hahahaha

    I didn't notice the mark till you told me. Little Miss C (5 1/2 yrs) sepnt from 8:30 till 11:30 am colouring horse images for some cards shw wants to make. (I will have more about it on my blog in a week or so)
    She sighs loudly at 11:30 and says proudly, I'm finished grandma but I think i need to fix some smudges...poor little of the pens was leaking but luckily it was a very fine mist. Still, it is pink mist on yellow hair and skin tone. Ugggh.
    So I can feel your pain with the blue mark!

    Hoppe your daughter finds the perfect first house.

  5. If you did not mention your snafu, I would have thought that is how the stamp's image actually was. lol! Great job coloring as usual. :-) Those mushrooms look delish. I'm going to have to fry some up for me today. Yum!

  6. personally, i think she looks great and had you not pointed out her "birthmark," i would've never noticed.

  7. Good that you can embrace the error you've made. But if didn't tell me about the "birthmark" I wouldn't have noticed. She looks great!

  8. Walking dead is Friday nights for us and it's just had a right twist in the story line.

    Mushrooms look yummy, I love them.

    Great image and I love her beauty spot LOL!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. There's nothing wrong with fixer uppers :)

  10. The card is beautiful and I would have never spotted the "birthmark"! LOL on the mushrooms! Love Penny

  11. Your colouring is fabulous,and I love the Marilyn look.
    Fabulous work:):)
    Wish you a wonderful day:):)Hugs Merethe

  12. Lol on the Marilyn look! I often end up getting inky smudges- drives me mad!

    Yum on the mushrooms!

  13. I think the image is cute. LOL on getting busted with the mushrooms.

  14. Way to make lemonade from lemons, or moles from markers. Ha!

    I can see why there'd be none of those mushroom clearly forgot to add in Wayne's portion! ;^)

    Hope your daughter can find a house to her liking soon. So fun getting your own place!

  15. I LOVE that image, and you know I don't see any flaws at all :) She's adorable! Now you've got me wanting mushrooms... I hope you got to some open houses today. I know Ashley is probably really wanting to look!

  16. I think the image looks great. Birthmark and all. I can't believe you tried to fry something and act like it never happened LOL. They looked yummy if Wayne sees this he might be a little perturbed that he didn't get any.

    Have fun with your marathon and you already know what I'm doing today. What was I thinking!? I must have lost my mind! Lots of happy people though.

  17. I don't see anything wrong with your coloring!

    Ha about getting busted on the mushrooms!


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