Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful spring day

Just a little sneak peek at what I was working on this weekend.
I was planning on uploading a video but I didn't get to it today.
Then I got a call from my blogging friend and well...... we chatted on the phone for 4 hours and 45 minutes.
Told you I love to talk. It doesn't help that she loves to talk as much as I do ;)
I coloured this cute image with my Copics. It is an Stampin' Up stamp.
I don't think I have used as much sparkle in a project as in this one :)

Onto My Day:
Kristy is back to her Co-op placement and school today.
March break is sadly over :(
Ashley and I went for a nice long walk tonight after supper. It was beautiful all day. It was like a beautiful Spring day here today.
But I'm not getting fooled, I still am expecting snow. We usually have a storm in April. I hope this year is an exception though.

Hope you had a creative Monday :-)

Tracy :)


  1. An almost 5 hour phone conversation is mind boggling to me, but then again I'm not a phone talker. You weren't fooling when you said you like to chat on the phone!!

    I really like what I can see from the sneak peak you are sharing with us. Very pretty paper used on the dress form, which line is it from?

  2. Love the sneak! Hope you had a great Monday too!

  3. Love the dress form can't wait to see the rest!!! It was warm here too yesterday. I was finally able to walk with Matthew to pick Brad up from school!

  4. oh what an adorable card and stamp!! great job!!

  5. OMgoodness, Tracy-4 hours and 45 minutes?!! That's gotta be a record somewhere-you need to call Guiness Book of Records. LOL. I love to talk too, so I can't point fingers:) Your sneak peek project looks amazing!! The weather in our part of world has been unusually warm for March and I'm not holding my breath that it's here to stay but sooo glad we don't have to worry about snow!!
    Happy Tuesday:)

  6. I always try to picture you on these four hour phone calls, doing laundry, washing dishes, stretching... Please tell me you have a cordless phone. Lol! I'm glad you got to talk to your friend :) is that a dress form your image is on? Tim Holtz maybe? :) Maybe you'll luck out like us this year and spring has sprung early!

  7. Four hours? Lol! I am not a fan of phone calls so four hours would be torture for me. It's funny because my best friend could stay on the phone with me for hours if I let her!

    Beautiful project! So feminine!

  8. Aren't long chats great? Our spring break is over too =(

  9. Love all the bling! very cute :)

  10. I love long talks! My best friend in New York and I do that all the time, its so much fun!

    We are having really nice weather here too, but I'm afraid we might get another cold snap again too!

    Your project is really great!

  11. Ohhhh, once I get on the phone it is hard to get off or get anything else done :o) I love the pink and brown. In fact, I think I have some of that paper! Lots of bling :o) Hugs!

  12. Love the sparkles and great colors!

  13. I have a friend that calls me & we can chat for HOURS too! I think it's because I don't have any outside adult interaction other than online.

    I can't wait to see this project Tracy! I see my favorite SEI line!;^)

    We've been breaking temperature records here all week and it doesn't sound like we're done yet. It's supposed to cool down into the mid 60's later this week. Sounds so funny to say that in March LOL!

  14. it was a nice day yesterday, looks like today will be similar

  15. Whoa can't wait to see! I hear you all are getting HOT weather? Oh dear I can see why you would talk so long...another blogger/ crafter. Want my # so we can share out non-secrets!

  16. We had lots of puddles last Friday, so I planned for a puddle day with my class (to make dams, etc.). Instead, it had snowed and most of the puddles were frozen- except for a lovely huge one that was in the sun that the kids delighted in wading in (and one or 2 fell into /0:).
    LOVE all the bling on this! Is it a card or an accent piece for scrapping?

  17. I was wondering if you were still getting your walking in! We've had beautiful weather here, although it is soon to come to an end. Rain is headed our way, and cooler temperatures. I pinned your t-shirt on my pinterest to remind me to just get out there and do it!!

  18. Great colouring!! :) I love it


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