Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chickadee dee dee

Sorry no creative projects or cards today.

A good portion of my day was spent at our cottage. Or maybe I should say driving to and from our cottage.
I did go with Hubby today, as he wanted to plow out the cottage road, and I didn't want him to do the drive alone. Not sure how much company I was as I kept napping, lol.

As he plowed I shoveled....a bit.
This is a chalkboard we have at our cottage. We leave little notes to each other, or just to mess around on it.
This is what was written on here from the last time we were out ;)

It was about -10C (5F), so I stayed in the cottage, sat on a pillow next to the baseboard heater and read my book.
Until I got bored so I decided to feed the birds.
First I scattered the seeds in the snow, but they sunk, lol.
So I found a ice-cream bucket lid (we use the ice-cream buckets to go blueberry picking in the summer....oh how I long for those days) put the seeds on that and put it on the deck for the little birds.
They were so happy and sang their love for me ;)

This little guy must have been eating well over the winter as he has sunk in the snow, lol.
I know how you feel little fellow ;)

On our way  home we stopped for some burgers and fries at a truck stop.
I have been colouring some images the rest of the evening, while Hubby, Heather and I watch Fringe.
We like to watch a lot of our shows in the dark, so it is frowned upon when I turn on the lights to colour.
So I have a tiny desk lamp with a swivel head that I use, everyone wins :)

I hope you were able to stay warm today and had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm glad you went with Wayne, he probably liked having you there even though you were napping :) Don't the silly birds know they are supposed to fly south for the winter? Haha! I didn't get crafty today, but I did get some crafty shopping in and am looking forward to creating tomorrow!!

  2. That was sweet of you to go with your hubby! I got to spend most of my day with my husband too, which was nice.

  3. We have had some crazy weather here.. Lots of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms here in the US. A town over from us only 15 min away got hit pretty hard! I will be sending you an email about my drs appt in a few minutes. I want to catch up on the rest of your posts!
    Queen Blogger! lol

  4. hahahaha I always fall asleep on ling drives too! The only way I can stqay awakw is if I sing! Tunes cracked up in the stereo system and me boppin along to the music!

    Now you know my secret!

  5. I talk too much so my husband rather me sleep. If I take a plain I'm passed out before takeoff. I used to get slightly car sick when I tried to read or write or draw in the car. Doesn't happen as much anymore, but I used to take Dramamine on every trip so I think my body is just used to becoming so tired every time I get in moving transportation. I love the picture of the little birdie sunken into the snow. I feel like that every now and then. Nothing crafty for me this weekend except you tube, blogs and lots and lots of shopping while I fold laundry. I have two open houses this week so I needed some retail therapy to counteract the cleaning.

  6. Oh Tracy you made me laugh with your understanding of the little sunken bird's plight. I'm with you on that chick-a-dee.

    You are a sweetheart to go with your hubby to the cottage. The thought of fresh picked blueberries makes me miss the beautiful and bountiful summers we had in Oregon. Gosh that little comment made me so sentimental and lonely for my Northwest home.
    Take care

  7. Awww...cute pics of the birdie! Ashamed that I complaining about our 60 degree weather today...when it was in the 80s earlier in the week!

  8. Wow Tracy, the life you depicts is so fascinating to me. Cottage, -10c, birds, snow, and coloring in the dark, oh and burgers and fries at a truck stop. Somehow the combo is romantic, even though the individual components not necessary are.

    I responded your comment on my blog, but thought I'd leave a message here too. We should make a pack to do Jillian's 30 day shred at least once a week!

  9. What a cute sign! How lovely to hear the birdsong, always brings joy to my heart.

  10. Love the photos and LOL about the little bird.

  11. I am sure Wayne was happy to have your company. even if you napped. You have it much colder there than us in MT. I love the little chick a dees. And you even got to do some colouring at the end of your day, Me, not so much, I just crashed early after trying to watch a movie with my hubby. I think the grandkids wore me out earlier.

  12. just to put that in perspective..... here in good ole west Australia it was 36C (97F) today :) ... well in the bit that I live in anyway...

  13. Sounds like a great day! Well, except for the cold. Brrrrrr!

  14. Hi Tracy! Thank you for swinging by my blog. I LOVE Fringe- I really need to remember to tune in- saturday tv is tough for me for the same reason- too busy getting projects finished for shooting on sundays. I love the cards I see in previous posts- you do great color work!

  15. Wow, that's a lot of snow! The birdie is so cute!!

  16. What a treat for the birds! Glad you made your trip safely.

  17. Now, that is cold! That little birdie is too cute. Yep, we are total opposites of the continent...I'm way down south Louisiana, and this year we really didn't have a winter. It just skipped over us for some reason. It can get chilly, but not chilly enough for a coat! Crazy. Hope to send some of our warm weather up your way!

  18. Funny little bird :0) Most of our snow is melted now but it sure has been windy, cold wind. I so can not wait for spring! Hope you had a great weekend :0) Hugs!

  19. >.< I feel cold just looking at the bird in the snow. Hope it'll be spring soon.

  20. For some reason, I love chickadees; maybe because I once had one land on my finger! ROTFL with the one sinking in the snow! Who knew the tiny things could sink?

  21. Aren't Chickadees the cutest little birds,for not having any "colors" on them? I'm sure they were thrilled with the food offering! I love feeding the birds here too.


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