Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cup cake girl card and house hunting

My cupcake girl made it onto a card tonight.
It took me most of the day and all night to make this card.
I know I am slow at creating things, but I was watching the Walking Dead marathon all day ;)

 Did you notice that the Marilyn Monroe birthmark has disappeared.
I took her to the dermatologist and got it removed, lol.
What I did was re-stamp  her face and then colour it up again. Then I fussy cut just her face out and adhered to the main image.
I did something a bit different, I formed the face and popped it up a bit. It actually looks cool.

 I stamped the cupcakes and coloured them with Copics. I also formed them and adhered them with foam adhesive.

 The inside of my card.
Added a coloured cupcake to the recipe card.

Onto My Day:
Ashley, Heather, Kristy and I checked out 7 open houses.
I sure as heck am not impressed with the houses out there.
Even though Ashley was looking at houses way below her price range. I was just surprised how many homes were not kept up.
Maybe I was just delusional. Doesn't any one take pride in their home anymore. We did see a nice home that was well taken care of.
An old lady lived in it and she was moving into an apartment. Her home was clean, neat and kept up. Only thing was it was a core floor. A core floor is a house with out a basement, just to clarify.

I spent the rest of the day and night watching the Walking Dead marathon.
Tonight was the last episode for this season...which was awesome!!
I don't want to spoil it, so I won't go into detail. But I am so looking forward to season 3 and sad that us fans have to wait so long for it. Bring on the re-runs :)

Hope you all had an excellent creative weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute card...that dermatologist works miracles!
    Little Miss C has been colouring horsies with copics and plans to turn them into cards to sell. She figures because she is 5 she will get 5 bucks each!!!
    They are pretty good for 5 so maybe she will:)

    Then she moved on to ballerinas. One ballerina has to either shave her head for a cancer research fundraiser or be beheaded and have a head transplant!!! I am voting transplant byt little Miss C looks worried about cutting her head off.

    I will post all about this soon. I just can't keep a secret!!!
    Hope your daughter finds the perfect house. What is a core floor. I have not heard that term before.
    I agree about how shocking it is to see how some people keep their houses...and then expect you to come in and purchase it that way! Any usually expect top dollar for it!

    Anyway, great card...I may steel the idea of cupcakes with cooking bit...I don't have any cute cooking girl stamps but I think i have some utensil stamps that I could turn into an embellishment!

  2. Adorable card! House hunting is exhausting, I hope Ashley finds the right one for her. What a huge step in her life :o) Hugs!

  3. Great face lift! And you did a great job colouring the cupcakes; they look yummy!
    It is surprising how many people do not seem to "prep" (clean!!') if they are selling their house. When we bought this one, I actually made sure that I stipulated that cupboards, etc. Were cleaned, as I had had 2 friends that had to CLEAN the house before they moved in! How gross is that? I thought that it was a "given" that you left it clean for the new owners. Ew.
    Love to snoop, so the open houses would be interesting! ;0)

  4. Tracy those cupcakes look so yummy, makes me want to jump off my health kick and enjoy some real ones.

    WD was cool and of course can't wait until season three!!

    House hunting is a real pain until you finally find the one you want and have the key in hand. Better luck next go around.

  5. I thought this was the same Marilyn! I like her better with her face cut this way! Great fix! Love Penny

  6. Adorable card! I cannot believe the birthmark drove you that crazy that you hacked her face LOL! It did come out great. No only 1 out of 10 homes I would say are kept up. People do not care. You should have seen some of the houses I've been into. I just don't know how people can live in certain conditions. I freak out about my house and its gorgeous but nobody wants it because it's too secluded in the woods! :( Okay so you are my last stop. I was supposed to go to bed 20 minutes ago! Night :)

  7. What a great card! I love it! Beautiful job! :)

  8. love the card and how you did the I always told hubby if we buy a house it will either be an old house so ya know it's sturdy or it will be one we design and build... I have to say I have yet to watch Walking Dead...I don't even know what it's about.. I know I know... Crazy right.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. This card is pretty awesome! I love the colouring. And you are right, her face looks nice popped up, it creates a nice shadow!

    Good luck with the house hunting!

  10. this card is just way too cute--your coloring is always awesome!!

  11. Really gorgeous, love the image and the cupcakes look fab
    Lindsay xx

  12. Your card turned out SO cool!!!! I love how you gave her a little facelift! :) So smart Tracy! We call houses without basements slab homes... Funny, the different terminology,huh? Glad you enjoyed the last episode of your show!

  13. Outstanding card. I love how you changed up the stamped image. My family likes the Walking Dead show. Me? I close my eyes during the attacks. Yuck.

  14. Cupcake girl is really cute! I almost built a house without a basement thinking I would never use it. So glad I went with the basement as that is where my business is now located. Hope she finds something she likes!

  15. haha great job with the face lift =) The cupcakes are so cute!

    Too bad about not seeing any houses you all liked.

  16. Really cute card love the cupcakes!!!

  17. Very cute card, Tracy! I know it's hard to be patient, but I'm sure Ashley will find a nice house soon. I know what you are saying about houses without basements. When we moved South, we found this also -- no one has basements or cellars.

  18. I love the cupcake card!

    One of my girlfriends was looking at houses recently, and had a similar problem with the upkeep of them! I wonder why people don't care about how their homes look anymore... But, she eventually found something she loved (right down the street from my parents', so yay for making my visits easy!)

  19. Adorable card-love what you did to her face! Like the dimension it gives.

  20. She's really cute! Glad the house shopping is coming along.

  21. That little girl is adorable! Fantastic coloring... you are a Copic queen!

  22. Your card came out cute! You are such a good fussy cutter! I stink at that!

  23. So cute! It's amazing you can get the highlight in her hair and skirt using pens. That takes skills!

    You asked about 30 day shred. I did it twice since I mentioned it on the blog. I tried level 3 last time for the first time, and it was actually easier than level 2! Weird. I need to be better and start going to the gym to do weight training to get some muscle back.

  24. looks great! great dermatologist, by the way! lol...

  25. I like what you did with the "face-lift" on her! ;^) What CUTE papers you used for the background too!

    Houses can be like men, you might go through a lot of them before finding the perfect one. Only a few find the right one on the first try.

  26. I have a core floor! My place wasn't well kept... Hence why I have to re-do the floors and majorly clean up the back yard... But I can't complain that much.. At least I get to make it my own :)

  27. Boo hoo we have to wait sooOoOOoooOoo long! Gah! I was tempted to go to the open house down the street from me just to be snoopy. We bought our house from its original owner. I suppose when you remember your home when it was brand new, you always see it with those eyes and don't notice the little disrepairs. There's a lot to do in our house!

  28. Oo.. this card has to be one of my favorite. Your card is adorable with the cupcake girl. She's so cute holding the cupcake and wooden spoon.

  29. This is such a wonderful card! Love the extra cupcakes (and actually who wouldn't love more cupcakes) and your coloring of her is just perfect!

    and no, a lot of people don't have pride in their homes (or themselves), but keep looking I'm sure she'll find something perfect for her.

  30. This is so absolutely adorable!!!

  31. I absolutely LOVE this card! I love what you did with her face. It's a really cool effect. And I just love the sweetness of it all. Awesome job, my friend!



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