Wednesday, March 14, 2012

distressed Card

I finally put this coloured image on a card :)
This image I coloured with my Copic markers. I was trying to make it look like I used distress inks.
I am happy with how it turned out.
I also used my new banner stamp, and then hand cut it out and then backed it with dark brown card stock and hand cut that out as well.

 I inked up some of the pretty flowers that Dena had sent me with pink distress ink.

Do you ever find something in your home that doesn't really belong where you find it.
I know when you have little kids, this type of thing happens all the time.
But I have 2 adult daughters and a teen daughter, so I am a bit surprised when I see things like this.
Yup, its an empty box of tampons displayed on my corner hutch. I don't think it goes with my decor, lol.

Onto My Day:
It was 10C (30F) here. So Kristy and I went for a nice walk.
Besides dodging the puddles on the sidewalk, by dodging them, we had to walk on the snow banks but it was still a wonderful walk.
The girls and I ran out and picked up some bagels, as it was bagel Wednesday.
Kristy has been watching The OC and whenever she does, she always wants some bagels as they eat them in the show, lol.

After I enjoyed the walk, I took a pretty long nap.
Its all that fresh air I tell ya ;)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday:)

Tracy :)


  1. Love this card! What paper collection did you use?

  2. Okay before I address your card I have to say my hubby and I laughed about the tampons. Made me think of the old Sesame Street song; One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong!" lol
    Okay the card is stinkin' sweet, and I really like the banner stamp,it adds a real nice touch to the card. And I did it, I got my happy meal butt on out the door and went for a walk. Granted it was after the sun went down, but that is because fat looks better in the dark!! ;p

  3. Cute card- I thnk you are totally rocking the faux distressed ink coloring :P

    And I love your new decor piece - great colors *LOL* I guess that is one advantage to being the only girl in my house- I'd have noone but myself to blame

  4. Your new home decor piece-oh, not so cool. Would not make me happy.
    Like that very cute card. Gad it was warm enough for you to have a walk today.

  5. Before I read it the first thing I spotted were the flowers and thought "I wonder if those are the ones I sent?" LOL And is that Prima paper I see there? Oh my goodness!

    Your new decor piece is too funny. I'd love to be able to blame my kids but 50% of the time it's probably me doing things like that. I start off with every intention of doing the right thing with what I have and then I get distracted by something else and completely forget about what my original mission was. The story of my life LOL. Maybe that is what happened with one of your daughters, maybe they just got distracted. That or Ashley had some funky photoshoot in mind.

  6. Fabulous card Tracy ,love your fun personality in your blog
    Well done
    Hugs Elaine

  7. The card is beautiful! Love the little girl.

    LOL! Things like this happen to me all the time because I have a toddler. So funny about the Tampon box though. Maybe they wanted to remind whoever was about to go out that they needed to pick up some more? ;)

  8. this is just sooo cute and adorable!! great job!

  9. Adorable card! Things like the tampon box happen to me all the time, but unfortunately, it would be my fault. I go to pick something up or throw it away, get side tracked, and set it down forgetting all about it.

  10. Very pretty card, love the inked roses.

  11. I love how you backed the banners and the paper you used is so pretty! My bets on the tampon bandit are Wayne! Lol!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your walk and it sounds like the snow is melting??!!

  12. Love the flowers on the card!

    Was that empty box a message for you =)?

  13. Adorable card and image. She turned out so cute. :)

  14. What a beautiful card. I love the layout. TFS.

  15. HA!! the tampon box, too dang funny! Your card turned out really sweet, I love the soft browns and the flowers at the bottom. Sounds like a really nice day...any day that includes a nap is perfect to me. or chocolate, chocolate makes for a nice day too! ;)

  16. Beautiful card! Nice box you got there, lol. I don't see myself having to worry about that around here :o) Hugs!

  17. Another cute card!

    I'm from the OC and our bagels.....not so good. Gummy, nasty things. Go to NY if you want a good bagel.
    Now the tampon box thing. Weird but funny. With my son, we find things IN stuff. So I'll open a drawer and find a Lego figure or something. He hides stuff IN things.

  18. lol @ the empty box of tampons just kicking it on a shelf. I have two sisters and growing up, my Dad would bee-line to the his sanctuary (the garage) ANY time girl issues came up or he'd act like there wasn't feminine products hanging out like regular ole home decor. And btw, I LOVE your card -- beautiful coloring! Reminds me I should add to my Copic stash sometime soon if my shop-pang ADD doesn't kick in... ;-)

  19. oohhh... I think that sounds too cold yet, for me! You'd never know I grew up in Buffalo! We've had in the 70's all week here in PA! Hopefully we don't go back to winter, cause I'm loving this! Great job on the card! Love, love, love the coloring!

  20. You just reminded me that I have a blueberry bagel left in the fridge!

    Sweet card in the vintage style! Such pretty flowers and you always do a great job coloring with your Copics!

    The wandering tampon box is pretty funny! Hopefully it was on it's way to the trash, but got sidetracked... ;^)

  21. Great card and also very interesting home tfs

  22. I love the card, especially with the flowers!

    I was always getting in trouble for leaving my tampon box was on my coffee table for about a week, then it got moved to the floor, bit I finally remembered its not home decor and put it away!

  23. Love the card - makes me want to break out the Copics!

  24. Stunning card but then they all are but I do love the distress look of this one. sitting staring at my cocoa pkg. Oh I love it so!

  25. Rotfl about the tampon decor!

    I have a gf that years ago had filled this giant bowl with tampons for her bathroom and we both chuckled over that decor!

  26. What a sweet card! And at my house, I am usually the one who ends of leaving things (although not THOSE things) just laying around.


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