Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dont' mess with me

This is how I felt today.  
(photo from pinterest)

Ashley had an appointment at the bank today to see a mortgage ass clown.
The reason why I say this is because we (she wanted me to go with her, this is a big event in her life) had an appointment at 9:30.
Ashley talked to the lady on Friday and they made an appointment to meet today at 9:30 am.
Ashley took the morning off of work for this, and I had to wake up early.
The lady didn't show up!!!
I was pissed.
When the receptionist got a hold of her, she said she was with another client.
That is one thing that is unacceptable to me.....being late. I feel that the late person doesn't feel that I am important enough to make the appointment.
I feel so bad for Ashley, here she is so excited to get per-approved for a mortgage and the lady doesn't even show up. Not a good start for  this new endeavor in her life.

But on a good note, I did get my walk in today :)
Then Kristy wanted to go out. So she suggested I change out of my workout clothes.
I told her I didn't sweat, so I'm good to go.
Kristy looks at me and says, it looks like your shirt is on inside out.
I look down, and laugh, oh I must have put it on backwards. So go to the mirror to take a look....Nope its on inside out, lol.

That's about all for today.
Nothing creative for me today....besides looking at all my pretty new papers, lol.
Oh you know you would do that as well ;)

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)



  1. I hope Ashley doesn't get discouraged I'm sure it will all work out.

  2. Hopefully all goes well with the bank lady actually getting around to showing up!
    The teeshirt thing is something I would do!
    Oh my gosh!

  3. I completely agree about being upset with the mortgage lady. She should have honored her appointment or left a message stating that her first meeting is running a bit long and she will be with you asap. Being late is one of my pet peeves.

    Yes, I would definitely enjoy looking at all those wonderful paper pads too! ;)

  4. Hey Tracy~
    How rude, hope everything turns out better for Ashley next appointment...
    BTW - surprise here I am - my pic is finally being revealed behind of my butterfuly image...

  5. BwaHaHa! That pic is priceless. Ass Clown is definitely the term for mortgage lady. grrrr

  6. Wow, how rude!! I hate it when things like that happen!

  7. The banking industry is just embarrassing these days. So sorry for your daughter. We had to jump through hoops to get our mortgage and we both have excellent jobs, credit etc. They 'lost' our paper work several times and there was a point when we both asked ourselves if we really wanted to buy a place. We're both glad we did but man were there a lot of tears along the way.

  8. I didn't go to the bank.. I went with dominion lending people... They were very helpful. Maybe ashely should go see them.

  9. That is so unacceptable to stand someone up. Banks should have some humility these days but instead seem to think they can be even more overbearing.

  10. I won't mess with you!!!

    I hate it when people are late too! drives me crazy!!

  11. That is SUPER frustrating. Well, I might almost look for a new mortgage broker...if she does not want your daughter's money. :( I'd be angry too. Love the picture though! Good luck with the house hunt! -Amanda

  12. Wow! I think that I would be looking for a new loan company to deal with. Good luck with the whole process!

  13. (LOL) at the photo, but not at the mortgage broker's rudeness! Really unacceptable.

  14. Great picture!! Really bad business for that loan officer, I would be mad as hell too. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, if she is not punctual, maybe she isn't very competent in other areas of her job... :/

  15. That is a great picture!!!

    I think that is horrible what the mortgage woman did. Poor Ashley, I would have been so disappointed! I hope she finds a better person to work with!

  16. Glad you got your walk in and I love that picture, but BOOOO to that stupid loan person!

  17. I call people like that asshats. I hope this all works out okay, but that still doesn't take away the disappointment that Ashley felt that morning. I'm glad you were with her.

    You make me laugh :) 1) that you said you could go because you didn't sweat and 2) that you had your damn t-shirt on inside out! lol!

  18. I don't blame you for being upset over the cancelled appt. It was such a big deal for Ashley and its too bad the bank lady never thought it was a big enough deal to show up for. Rude and totally unacceptable!

  19. Absolutely would have felt the same way! Oh that is the ultimate in unprofessionalism and she would certainly lose me as a customer. I do hope Ashley takes her business elsewhere!
    You make me laugh about your shirt...I went out running errands one day, all over town, for most of the day. Came home, got dinner ready,in walks my husband and he says "new style?" I'm like, what?! He says check your hair-yeah, I section my hair off when I flat iron it using hot pink and purple clips, the really old fashioned plastic kind you find at Sally's...one was still in my hair in the back still neatly holding my last section of hair!!

  20. I totally agree! That just burns my buns- especially when they are holding your future in their hands like that- UGH! Well- you got a walk in. :)

  21. Thanks for sharing Tracy Great photo.Hugs Elaine

  22. people are something else, aren't they? love that picture!

  23. Boy, you guys sure been having more than your fair share of rude people lately! You would think the warmer weather would put people in a little bit better frame of mind, unless they're cold people at heart.

    At least you could laugh at yourself later over your shirt faux pas! It's either laugh or go nuts!

  24. One has to look to be inspired! ;0)

    May jackals sit on her grave!


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