Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Kristy

Today is my baby's 17th Birthday.
I know I say this when it is any one of my daughters birthdays, but seriously where the heck does the time go?!?
Everyone told me I had it too easy with my first two, as they didn't give me any grief (besides being a bit cheeky from time to time) and that Kristy would be my trouble maker.
Watch out for that one, she is going to be a handful. They would say.
But you know what, she was just as loving and respectful as Ashley and Heather.
I know I am one of the lucky ones.
Not only do I love my daughters, I also love to be around them. And I think they enjoy being around Wayne and I as well :)

Here is the Birthday card I made for Kristy.
I was going to give her the cup cake girl card, but when I saw this image, I knew I had to make her this one. 

Perfect for my Kristy, or KDawg as Wayne and the girls nicknamed her. She has been working decorating cakes for her Co-op in school.

Here is the inside of her card. I put a small envelope on the opposite page and popped some American money in there for our next trip.

 Awwww this is my beautiful birthday girl.
I don't remember looking this gorgeous in high school. Actually I have never looked this gorgeous. I think my girls got all the good genes in our family.

Remember yesterday I was talking about decorating Kristy's birthday cake. Kristy wanted a Luigi cake. My girls love video games. More of the scary ones, but they also like the ol'school ones as well.
Sharon had a Mario cake pan from when her son was a little boy. So we changed the colours to look like Luigi.
I think it turned out awesome.
It does look like Mario stole Luigi's clothes, but she was ecstatic about it, and that's all that matters.

Onto My Day:
Kristy wanted to go to Applebees for her birthday dinner.
So we invited her boyfriend, Blake, and had a nice evening.
Then the rest of the family came by for cake after. A wonderful day and evening with family and friends.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy you know how I love your cards, and there isn't a dud among them, but I think you hit this one out of the ballpark! I L-O-V-E it. How stinkin' cute is it, she looks like a little french pastry chef.
    Beautiful cakes, very yummy looking. What a blessing to love your children and enjoy being around them. I wish that is something that is common place instead of the rarity it is.
    Glad you all had a lovely day and I wish Kristy a great birthday.

  2. What a pretty card, and Happy Birthday to your daughter too...
    That cake came out awesome... too cute to eat though....

  3. Ha! Great cake, wish i was there to have a piece! Happy Birhtday, Kristy! She is beautiful! :0)

  4. Happy Birthday Kristy! She is gorgeous Tracy! Love your card! The cake is adorable!
    I am almost finished with my honeymoon mini album.. It has taken me almost a month to finish it! I will do a vid when I get it finished..

  5. Gorgeous girl and adorable card! You have good kids cause you're a good Mom (snort, snort). It sounds like a wonderful evening :).

  6. What a beautiful daughter you have . A belated birthday wish from me to Kristy ( i loved her card and birthday cake ).
    Hugs Elaine

  7. Love your card and the cake! Your daughter is very beautiful!

  8. Love the birthday card! You did a great job on the cake!!! Leigh

  9. Happy Birthday, Kristy! She is a beautiful girl. Adorable card. Love the background.

  10. Happy birthday, Kristy! That cake is fabulous and the card is beautiful.

  11. Happy birthday Kristy, hope you enjoyed your special day. It is kind of sad to see them grow up right before your eyes, isn't it? Beautiful daughter, cake and card, tfs

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! What a cute card for a beautiful girl!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Kristy!!!! Hugs!

  14. What an adorable card! Your daughter is beautiful.

  15. your daughter is beautiful! love your card and the cake! thanks for sharing!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to Kristy. Hope her day was extra special. You sure made her a very appropriate card that is oh so cute.

  17. Great card Tracy, and I love the fact that she was taking cake decorating classes! Where does the time go? Love Penny

  18. Happy birthday to Kristy!!!! It is possible to have all your kids be kind, nice, respectful, good AND like their parents. I come from one of those families and we're trying to raise our girls the same way :) Kristy is beautiful as are all of your girls and I think you're being silly, they all look like you, beautiful!

    Super cool cake!

  19. Happy Birthday, Kristy! You are beautiful inside and out! :-) (And I think that you inherited some great genes from both of your parents!)

  20. Again, Happy Birthday to your "little one" LOL. The cake came out awesome. I don't think I could have the patience to ice a cake like that or a steady enough hand! Hope you had a great weekend!

  21. Great job on the card and the cake! I'm glad you all had a good time.

  22. Perfect birthday card for your little one! And time goes even faster the older we get:) And oh so talented with the cake!!!


  23. Sorry Tracy, I was trying to read and type before I lost my connection again. When it's cloudy here I have a hard time keeping it connected! I'm glad she's having a great time though. Love Penny

  24. That cake is awesome! Happy birthday Kristy!

  25. I think my jaw hit my lap with that card! I don't blame you for dropping the other idea in a heartbeat.

    Cute cake and I have to say that Kristy has the prettiest blue eyes to go with the rest of her pretty face! You have every right to be proud!

  26. Happy belated birthday to Kristy! I love the cake!!! And that card is perfect for Kristy with her co-op!

  27. sorry I missed this special day :( Happy very late birthday Kristy... and yes, your mom is right. You girls are stunning young women inside and out!

  28. That cake looks Fab! Soon, you'll have to change your bio from 3 teenage daughters, to 3 beautiful young ladies. :-) I have an almost 3-year-old, and I didn't know it would go THIS fast, either. I can imagine how YOU feel!

    Happy Happy!



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