Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I got in the scrap/craft room

I did a bit of colouring tonight while watching Survivor.

Here is the cute Pure Innocence image I coloured.
Not the best photo though.
I thought, for sure, that I had some strawberry paper.
But when I checked I only had watermelon. So much for remembering every single piece of paper I have, lol.
I am hoping to get this little cutie on a card tomorrow.

Onto My Day:
Another nap day.
I was in a fog most of the day. I blame it on the weather.
What happened to our gorgeous weather from the beginning of March.

I did get down in my scrap/craft room this afternoon and worked on Heather's mini album.
I have to start month end on Monday, so I am hoping I can complete it before then.

Kristy is at a Gala called "Sweet Indulgences."
Proceeds go to the Arthritis Society. This event challenges ten caterers from around my city, the guests get to vote, for “Best Dessert in the City”. Kristy is helping her Co-Op placement dish out their dessert.
Who ever purchases a ticket can also get mini manicures and mini massages. If you purchase a VIP ticketed table you also get your own personal "manservant" to serve your desserts and wine.
I have never been to one, but I hear those that have gone enjoyed themselves and I think they usually sell out.
I just hope Kristy brings home some leftovers......of dessert that is. I don't think Wayne would be happy if she brought home a left over manservant, lol.

Wayne would like to thank you all for your nice comments on his scrapbook from yesterday. He enjoyed reading all your comments.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a cute little girl, love strawberries! Don't feel bad...I don't know every piece of paper I have either :o) I'll take a leftover manservant, hee hee!

  2. I just checked out Wayne's scrapbook - I love it! Great job!

    That party Kristy is working sounds amazing! I'd love desserts + mini manis + a manservant (maybe I shouldn't mention that last part to AJ!)

    The little girl you colored is great! Don't you hate when you think you have a piece of paper and you don't!

  3. Awe....that little girl is so cute & I'll take one of those leftover manservants too!

  4. Cutie!
    Hmm, might consider a manservant! ;0)

  5. this is such a cute image!! as always your coloring is superb!

  6. Oh, I just love how you made her look like a berry! Fabulous coloring!

  7. Adorable! I love the colors you used and that image is too cute. Hope you get in some more craft time today! :)

  8. She is darling!!! Some little seeds on her dress and she is a perfect strawberry! Dip her in some milk chocolate and she is even better. As always, fabulous job coloring.

  9. That image is adorable! Same colors as watermelon, totally see why you thought you had strawberry paper :) What if Kristy brought home a leftover womanservant? Lol

  10. cute. I need that stamp!!

  11. OK I am back. I just had to go and buy that stamp set. I love it and the way you colored it is adorable. Thank you for being a great enabler!!

  12. Hahaha...a leftover manservant might just be what I need! j/k ;) Sorry for the fog, I am a firm believer in naps, so good on ya for taking one! I love the little girl image and your coloring is fabulous!

  13. What, not man servant? Why not!

    Great coloring!

  14. She is too cute! I look forward to seeing her on a card.

  15. Cute little "strawberry girl"! Love the Montana book from yesterday also! Wayne did a great job on his "layouts! ;-) " Super photos also!

  16. Great job coloring! I've been feeling tired a lot lately, too. *Yawn* I don't know about you, but I'm more than ready to snap out of it! Left a comment for Wayne in yesterday's post. :-) I would love to attend that event and get waited on by a manservant. Yummy! :-)

  17. What a precious image and you did such a wonderful job coloring...I really need to get back into that and make better use out of my Copics.

  18. My mom always referred to my drained feeling during this time of year as Spring Fever because she said that's what her dad called it. It's gotten colder here again, but it's still above normal (60's) yet still a shock compared to the 80's from last week. I haven't gotten out of the funk enough to start spring cleaning tho. ;^)


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