Friday, March 2, 2012

Lights, Camera......Card

The last card out of my stash from my girls creative weekend :(
It almost feelings like the end of the weekend all over again.

I made this card for a very special person in my life :)
It is perfect for her as photography is one of her passions.
When I saw this background paper I knew I had to use it for this card. Then when I saw this image, I thought I had to use both of them.

I coloured this CC Designs image with my Copic markers, then paper pieced her outfit. I am really enjoying paper piecing.
Even though I paper piece I still like to do some shading on the paper pieced pieces.
I also drew in the grass by using flicking motions from the bottom to the top of the grass.

And lastly the inside of my card.

Onto My Day:
I worked all day and watched YouTube videos to keep me company.
I am happy to say I have balanced, posted and the invoices are ready to be mailed out.
Everything went so smoothly....I love when that happens. Yes I did the happy dance and sang my month end song, lol.

Kristy and her friends went to Applebees tonight to celebrate her one friends birthday.
She came home with leftovers, that she gave to her loving mommy ;)

Sharon came by for Friday Night scrapbooking.
She put some finishing touches on her 2013 Christmas card. No you didn't read that wrong, she is almost finished her Christmas cards for 2013.
I made a couple of projects that I am planning on giving to a couple of friends. 

Hubby wants to take a drive to camp to plow the road.
I am not sure if I want to go or not.
I don't want him to do the 2 hour drive there all by himself. But I have nothing to do once we get there.
He will be plowing and I will be in a chilly cottage. We have the heat on, but very low.
We won't be there long enough to warrant lighting a fire.
I was going to bring some colouring, but like I said it will be to cold.
So we will see.
Plus getting up at 7:00 or 8:00am on a Saturday morning just doesn't appeal to me, lol.

I hope you had a creative Friday :)



  1. Tracy you do such beautiful cards, I love the coloring you do with your copics.....I'm jealous but only in a good way.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. DH always wants to go up to the lake in January and check on the RV. It is the same situation as you...only he wants to stay overnite. Oh my!
    Water is drained and RV dewinterized. The clubhouses are open but who wants to go out and drive there for bathroom and shower. The hot tubs are open but it could be 10 or 12 below! Ugggggh! It's a 4 hour drive but I usually go so he is not driving that far alone....
    I think we deserve medals!!!

  3. Really cute card. I love how you chose that special paper to use with the stamp.
    I can understand why you don't want to go to the cabin with minimal heat, but you want to keep Wayne company at the same time. 7 or 8 would be really sleeping in for me.

  4. Aww this came out so cute Tracy.... love the paper piecing, good choice for her outfit too. And that's clever colouring in your grass I need to try and do that too.
    BTW - CAS means Clean and Simple!
    - RAK means Random Act of Kindness
    Try take notice alot of blogger's use these terms in their commenting...
    Have a super weekend my friend....

  5. I am missing Friday night scrap booking.... And it is sad...when my room is donewewill have to haves night here! K???..your cards are beautiful!....can't wait till August! Painting this weekend!.... Have fun at camp say hi to mine as you drive by! Lol

  6. You saved the best for last! Love that adorable card in such a pretty color scheme.

  7. Impressed by your friend getting her cards done so early!

    Love your card. That bg paper is awesome!

  8. Sooo, did you go?
    She is a sweetie and I like the vintage camera to go with it! :0)

  9. Very cute card, love your coloring on her hair. I haven't done a red-head yet, love your color combination you used, tfs

  10. Such a beautiful card! Adorable image and I love your choice of colours! Hugs Delphine xx

  11. Such a cute card - perfect for your photographer friend! She'll love it. Speaking of friends, good for Sharon to be prepared - less stress for the holidays! LOL!

    If you end up going to the camp, do you have a space heater to bring with you? Just a thought :)

  12. What a cute image! That grass looks amazing!!! How sweet of Kristy to give you the leftovers :)

  13. Love the background paper I recognize it too, I think that is Echo Parks TimE and Seasons. Ilove it , I bought it in the 12 x 12 and 6 x6 pads. I love the card! So adorable!Just went shopping with my Mom to a few stores this morning and then me and hubby started putting my youngest dd loft bed together! That was alot of fun( I say sarcastically) Anyway, I get one of my horrible migraines and well the rest is history :( needless to say we will have to finish it tomorrow!

  14. I've been trying to post a comment and I keep getting distracted. How dare life get in the way of my computer time! You know how I feel about the twilight zone faces but this image is really really cute. I love this card.

  15. Super cute card, I love it! I hear ya on not wanting to get up early on a Saturday, yuck! :0) Hugs!

  16. Aww.. that image is adorable. Love how you color her hair.

  17. I love all the paper piecing you've been doing with your images! I've only tried that once, a long time ago and never did it again. Must be my ADD or maybe because I'm just not that good at stamping...

  18. Wonderful card and fantastic coloring! You must be dreaming of summer with this bright and cheery image:)!!


  19. Love this card!!! Love how you did the grass, I'm still learning how to blend but I will have to try this.

  20. my favorite and I bet I can guess who it is for? Ashley. LOL
    glad you got so much done. I want to color too but simply no time. Love all your new stamps. NO FAIR!! I got to get some new ones soon.


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