Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making my own background paper

Remember that image I coloured yesterday that I didn't have any strawberry paper, even though I really thought I did.
I was just going to use the watermelon paper that I had and not worry about it.
Well if you know me, I couldn't let it go. I NEEDED some strawberry paper or I wouldn't be happy ;)

I am on a no purchasing supplies freeze this month, so a trip to my LSS or Michael's wasn't an option.
Look how committed I am, wish I was as committed on the exercise front.
So I decided to make my own background paper.
I am really happy with how it turned out :)

 So here is how I did it.
I have had this stamp for over 17 yrs. I know this as a fact because my SIL, Sharon bought it for me figuring I could use it for a craft for my kitchen when we first bought this house.
First I cut a piece of paper 6"x6".
Then I stamped randomly on my paper.

Here it is all stamped up. The top center didn't get stamped very dark, but I was planning on colouring it in, plus I am going to put my image on here, so I could work around the imperfections......Also, Wayne wanted me to watch a movie with him so I had to stamp fast, lol.

 I coloured the images in with my Copic markers under my tiny desk lap as we watched a freaky movie. 
Hopefully I will put my card together tomorrow during Scrapbooking Night.

Onto My Day:
I worked on my mini for Heather most of the day today.
I swear I must find the longest, most difficult ways to do things. I had only completed one page. Yup one page. It is a pretty cool page if I say so myself, but still one page.

Kristy stayed late at her Co-Op today as her school is having their grade 10 testing. Because she is in grade 11 she didn't have to go to school until the afternoon. She only has one class in the afternoon, so she would have only been there for about 1/2 hour, so she stayed home. She hates to miss any school at all, but she agreed with me on this one, lol. Plus the teacher asked them how many were going to be in class today, and only one person was going.
I find it funny that I have to convince my daughter to skip out, lol....I know, chalk me up for the bad mom award ;)

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. OMG Tracy! That paper is awesome!!! You did a fantastic job. I was never one to want to take a day off from school either. I was so sick one day and my stepmother of all people actually had to insist that I stay home. The only day I skipped was the very last day of my senior year LOL. So much for waiting until the very end. If I had to do it over again, which I definitely would NOT want to do, I'd have a lot more fun and taken a lot more days off! Have fun tomorrow night!

  2. Great job on making your own strawberry paper. Love how you color the leaves.

  3. Gosh Tracy what a super clever idea... love those berries too...

  4. Your paper turned out sooo fab!!!

  5. Love the paper, it reminds me of Tim Coffey's art! Beautiful.

  6. Great job on making your own paper-it is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see what you use it for

  7. ok --i am in awe of your awesome background paper that you made-- wow girlfriend you are amazing!! i love it!!

  8. Wow! How creative!
    I am so totally impressed with your stamping and coloring skills. Beautiful!

  9. Fabulous paper! Such an amazing job coloring, looks like it was screen printed.

  10. I LOVE the way your paper turnes out! I would have been the same way, watermelons do not go with strawberries :o) Excellent job Tracy! On the school thing, I have to convinve Maverick to stay home as well, funny! Hugs!

  11. What what a great idea! Love how the paper turned out! Leigh

  12. Beautiful job on your background paper!

  13. Oh my! That paper is gorgeous! You did such a fab job and it's going to match perfectly! :) I need to remember this. I was looking for a background the other day and nothing worked. I should have stamped my own to get what I want. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Really beautiful, I am a big fan of making my own papers too, this is gorgeous
    Lindsay xx

  15. Wow that's beautiful and delicate work! I couldn't tell it's from multiple stamping too. It's a seamless job you've done! How long did it take you to color the whole thing? Can't wait to see your card with this.

  16. YOU MADE THAT PAPER??????? Seriously, you are amazing!!! I'm super excited to see your finished card and SO proud of you for not going and buying paper, so resourceful!

  17. oh my word!!! the detail in that is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. That background paper is FABULOUS! Funny, one time I was really pale and tired looking, and my Mom tried to convince me to stay home and get some sun...but I wouldn't. Another time I wanted to skip and she was like... no way :( Bummer, I had to go! LOL!

    1. I want to thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving me such sweet comments.
      I have no way to reply to you, so thought I would show my appreciation on here.
      Thank you :)

  19. Oh my this is the looks so real...i love how you added a little white green on the bottom of the strawberries....very well done....good enough to eat..

  20. Wow the background paper is really fabulous and you have done a wonderful work.
    Wish you a wonderfulweekend.hugs Merethe

  21. Tracy, you are so fabulous! I LOVE that paper!

  22. That is amazing paper!
    Good for you!!
    I probably would have broken my spending freeze :)

  23. The closest I came to making strawberry background paper of my own was drawing black "seeds" on paper I found that had cherries on it. I have to say that you did a great job of placing you stamp where you needed it to go, especially with a wooden stamp block! Of course the coloring is awesome!

  24. Beautiful paper. What a great jjob


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