Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pixie-Fairy Card

Remember my Pixie-Fairy image from yesterday?
Well I put her on a card.
I backed her with black cardstock. I love that it makes the image pop.
The background paper was from some "Happy Mail" that I received from Sybil. Thanks Sybil :)
I then cut some black squares and added a pink butterfly to them.
For the inside of the card I needed some colour to back the recipe card on.
So I used one of these pink tags that Brenda gave me.

 Just a question:
What looks better the brown background or the white background that I photographed the card on? I know it is really hard to tell on here.
The one with the darker background is a bit blurry. But which one makes the card pop more?

Onto My Day:
My plans were foiled, lol.
I did not spend ALL day in my scrap/craft room working on Heather's mini album.
I had to run Kristy around....which I do everyday.
Then my friend Lynne came by for a visit. She brought me a hot chocolate and some Robin's Eggs from Robins Donuts :) For those of you who don't know what Robins Eggs are, they are the inside of the donuts but coated just like donuts :)

When I finally made it down to my scrap/craft room I did get to work on the 1st page. Actually I am almost done the first page :)
So much more to do though.
And Kristy's birthday is this month :-O

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the card! I think it stands out more on the white background since you used black cardstock :o) Donuts sound really good right now! Hugs!

  2. I like it on the black back drop. :0)

    Had me a timmy's crueller today! Yummo!

  3. Awww, you used the paper I gave you, how sweet and it really works well with the pixie-fairy!

    I think the white stands out more. I personally can't wait for this weekend because I have the whole weekend off, and I am going to do some crafting! And watch me some zombies!!
    Take care

  4. I love her!, and I hope you saved me some eggs! Love Penny Scrap-aholic.blogspot.com

  5. I like your fairy card and I think I like the white background best.
    Yeah, for March birthdays.

  6. Awwww, this is super sweet. What an adorable image.

  7. The white background for this card because it is black. But for a light card I would like the brown.

    The card is so nice... I love the 3 little butterflies.

  8. How sweet is this, love it and I think I prefer the black x

  9. sooooo cute!! this is just the cutest image!!

  10. She is adorable - love the card with the butterflies. Looks awesome! I usually photograph my projects on white because the white reflects back and helps get a brighter photo overall. (Well, I try to never use flash, so it works for me!) Hope you find some time to craft today!

  11. I like the white background, the card pops more and it is 'lighter' for your cute image.

  12. Love those butterflies and it's my favorite to see what you've done on the inside. Tag...awesome!

  13. I love your card, the pink paper is perfect and I like it better on the brown. So excited you're almost done with the first page! Sometimes that's the hardest one.

  14. She turned out really sweet! Very pretty card and I think I prefer it on the brown background.

  15. I think the white makes it pop more.

    Robin's Eggs sound delish!

  16. Cute card and I love the white background!

  17. very nice love the colors.... thanks for sharing...

  18. I love the card, the pink tag on the inside is a great touch. I think the white made it pop more.

    Robin's Eggs sound delicious!

  19. Definitely the white background for this cute card!

    Robin's Eggs. What a cute name to call the donut holes! We can't have any of those around here or I'll eat every last one and no one will even know they were in the house. I already have a bad enough problem doing that with other stuff. ;^)

  20. I go for the white background best tho they are both good. Beautiful card love the pixie and all the butterflies :)

  21. Tracy your cards are gorgeous and those sweet images
    Hugs Elaine

  22. The card came out cutie patootie. I like it better on the white background, especially since you used black cardstock. It gets a little lost on the brown.

    Our "robins eggs" are called munchkins. My kids love them. Well they both love donuts in general.

    At least you made it down to your craft room. Mine is a total disaster. I have packages I didn't even open yet. Hope you get that mini done!

  23. She looks cute in her new home! I like the dark background better, not sure why...

  24. I like the white background more. Very cute.

  25. love this!! She is so sweet and you did a beautiful job coloring her :)


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