Monday, March 5, 2012

Pixie- Fairy?

I thought I would share some of my colouring that I did last night.
This isn't a card, just an image I coloured.
I used  CC Designs images. First I coloured the pixie fairy.
I learned that fairies have wings and pixie's have elf-like ears. This cutie has both, so would she be considered a pixie-fairy.

Oops, went off topic again, I tend to do that.
OK, so I fussy cut out the pixie fairy, then stamped and coloured the mushroom.
Popped up the pixie fairy with some foam dots for dimension. Punched out some butterflies and glued them on....oh ya, I also drew in the grass.

I used my Copics.
I was playing around with how I have been colouring my hair.
I really like having the shine run across the hair, but this time I wanted to add some flicks to look like strands going through the shine.
I also punched a flower out of paper for her hair.
The stamp had these leaves and an acorn in her hair. But that feels like fall to me, and we haven't even had Spring yet.
So how did I do? Do you like the way I did her hair?

Onto My Day:
I had the pleasure of getting up early this morning...that is said with sarcasm.
I had to get an ultrasound of my tummy and the appointment was at 8:00am. You know how I love to get up early.....more sarcasm.
I have been having heartburn a lot lately and have felt bloated.
My yearly physical is coming up (ya I am a few years behind on that as well) so my doctor just wants to make sure everything is A-OK.

What the heck is this you may ask?
My answer is... I have no idea!?
This is under our kitchen sink.
Funny thing about this is everyone in my family brought it to my attention, but no one bothered to clean it up.
Like I said I have no idea what this is. It dried and was really sticky, like sugar.
I needed a razor blade to scrap it off the inside of the cupboard.
Wouldn't have had to that if certain family members would have cleaned it up when they saw it :(

I did get to work on my mini album for a bit today.
I also got to colour for a while tonight.
Tomorrow I am hoping to lock myself in my scrap/craft room and work on that mini most of the day.

Hope your Monday was a creative one :)

Tracy :)


  1. She's darling! The hair looks fine to me.

  2. Uh yeah, that is the way that it goes; leave it for someone else (who is usually Mom) :0/
    I think your pixie fairy is darling and the hair turned out fabulous!

  3. I think her hair looks just dandy, and I like the addition of the flower you added to it. She is adorable, but the blue mess under your cupboard isn't. Hmmm, maybe it's a zombie oozing his way into your home!

  4. She is a cutie with awesome hair :) We find the strangest things in our cabinets too - lol!

  5. I'm a flicker when I color so I love the hair. The image came out adorable (for missing half of a face - and no I'm never gonna let that go)It really did come out darling.

    I love how everyone mentioned it but no one tried to clean it up. At least in your house they know it's you. In my house I don't even get credit, they simply think things get cleaned, picked up and put away by magic. So needless to say no one would have even mentioned the mess to me in the first place and I would have had to find it by chance.

  6. Another great card! I loved her hair and the additional flower was a great.

    At my house, there is only DH and I still living here. It's getting harder to not know who did it! hahaha

  7. Love your colouring,the flicks in the hair look great. Hope it didn't take too long to clean up that mess. Funny how it's always us moms that clean everything up! Lol!!! Leigh

  8. yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just soooo cute! the image is adorable

  9. I think you did a fabulous job on the image. Super cute one too, Great card.

  10. Man, you have some nice lookin' grass! Seriously, I love the way you make your grass. Your hair looks awesome too :) That sounds like my family. I told Mike last night I didn't want to do the dishes, he said put then in the dishwasher. Everything fit but two pans. He says, look you only have to wash two pans! Did he offer to wash them???? No :) I hope you get locked in your craft room today :)

  11. What a pretty little fairy! The coloring is awesome.

  12. Great image! That purple stuff is weird!! Glad you got it up, but not as glad that you had to.

  13. card very very nicely done.. thanks for ahring...

  14. Perfect coloring! Love that image :0) I think her hair looks fantastic! I hope your ultrasound went well and you are just fine :0) Hugs!

  15. I love the card, the coloring is amazing! I hope everything went well at the doctor. I have no idea what that blue stuff could be, but I know of some people who would do the same thing, just come tell me its there instead of cleaning it up! AJ will leave dirty dishes in the sink when he knows the dishwasher is dirty! It drives me crazy!

  16. You do a really great job on the hair with your Copics...and the grass too! She turned out really sweet looking! I hope you can get your mini done like you're wanting. I am sooooo close to getting mine done. I really could have been done by now.

    No one here would probably clean up that mess either (not voluntarily anyway) and my son probably wouldn't even mention it to me.

  17. Beautiful coloring as always. This image is darling. I love the mushroom she's sitting on.


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