Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple card and some karma

Running low on the cards, lol.
This is a simple card I put together.
As simple as it is, I am really happy with how it turned out.
I just used 2 pattern papers, punched out a border and stamped a sentiment. I made the ticket, it is very simply done. Stamp your sentiment, cut it out with a trimmer and punch (or cut out) the corners with a reverse corner punch.

The inside :)

Onto My Day:
My day was pretty boring. Besides driving Kristy all around, but that is a daily thing.
I did banking and worked all day....yup month end is here again. It just seems like I just finished it.
When I went to pick Kristy up from her co-op I took a picture of her decorating a cake. I had to promise her I wouldn't put it on here, it will only be for Project 365.
Mind you, she never checks out my, I better not, teehee.

Funny story:
Remember my girlfriend, the one that teased me that my rash was from measles. Then I checked and I did need my shoots.
Well she just phoned me today, as she had a doctors appointment and had to get her immunization needle as well, lol.
Karma my friend, Karma, lol.

Oh ya, is anyone have trouble with their blog? I went on mine and at first my header was so huge I couldn't ever access my account. Plus my background was gone and each post was only about one sentence long. Just wondering.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday:)
Wow this week is just flying by.

Tracy :)


  1. Simple is good sometimes. And I really like your simple card.
    Oh, yes, we did start a new month today.

  2. Hey Tracy, you know I really, really like this card. As you know I'm trying to use up my scraps and make cards that I can mail without a special envelope and extra postage. This card fits the bill perfectly and I like the colors, the ticket....thank you, I will scrap lift it if you don't mind!

    Take care

  3. Love your CAS card, sometimes the simplier it is the prettier the card ends up being.....

  4. I agree with Sybil...this is a great card to use up scraps and send with regular postage...something to be said for that!

  5. Your card is lovely!!!
    have a nice weekend

  6. Great card Tracy! Love the colour combo.

    I haven't been having a problem with my blog (knock on wood). What browser do you use? I have heard that bloggers using Internet Explorer have been having issues. I use Google Chrome, and as I say, I haven't had issues.

    Good luck and keep on scrappin!

  7. Your blog looks fine to me!

    Love the simplicity of the card!

  8. The card looks great! You can't go wrong with that line from SEI (right?) Sometimes you feel like you get more accomplished when you can pump out lots of simple cards than just a couple fancy ones.

    Next time someone makes fun of you, you might want to remind them that Karma works 24/7. LOL!

  9. Cute card! Sometimes simple is perfect!

  10. I like the card! I didn't have any issues with my blog...but then again, I've been so sick I just crawled out of bed, did yesterday's post, then needed a two hour nap to recover!

  11. Very cute card!
    I love the punched border, pretty!
    Blogger gives me fits off and on, but nothing today. So far :p

  12. Nice card - perfect for everyone and anyone!

  13. Love that punch you used on he card! Can you believe it's March???? I feel like I've been gone forever :) Hoping to get crafty this weekend!!

  14. Very cute card! Don't you just love Karma, lol! Hugs!

  15. Sweet card! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Lovely card. I've been having trouble with blog for a while now. Sometime I can't log in my blog too.

  17. Love your card! I need to find one of those reverse corner punches. Thanks for enabling! lol!

  18. Lol on the karma! Great way to create a ticket shape!


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