Friday, March 30, 2012

Strawberry Delight

Remember this image?
Remember my hand made paper?
Well, they finally made it on a card :)
Not a fancy card, but I wanted to keep the focus on my hand made paper because I love how it turned out ;)

 I added a small cluster of flowers and a butterfly brad. I took the prongs off the brad and just adhered it to the flower.
I also drew in some grass on my image.

I had a bit of my hand made paper left, so I had to add it to the inside with my recipe card.

Onto My Day:
Look what we woke up to this morning.
I knew we were going to get more snow. We usually seem to have one last snow storm in April. But it is still disappointing to wake up to this when all the snow was gone.

Tonight was scrapbooking night, Sharon and Lynne came by. Lots of laughs and a great time.
Oh ya and remember that spending freeze my friend and I made a pact about. I come to find out that she was shopping already! She didn't even make a whole week, lol.
I am still going to go through with it :)
Even though hubby told me to give Heather the money to go and buy what I want, that way I am not technically buying anything, lol. What an enabler he is ;)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)



  1. This card turned out so perfect. What a great job you did on that paper!
    I think I have that pretty burgundy/reddish glimmery cardstock you used. I just love that glimmer paper.
    I wish I had bought more of it...
    The strawberry paper looks fab inside too!
    Great job Tracy.

    1. I know what shimmer paper you are referring to as I do have it as well, but for this card it is just regular card stock for the matts.

  2. Tracy
    Love what you have done with your gorgeous strawberry paper and flowers.

  3. tracy,
    this is so awesome -- i just love the background paper you made and it is just perfect for the card and stamped image!!!! LOVE it

  4. So pretty Tracy what a fantastic card I love this Hugs Elaine
    Love the snow ......brrrr

  5. Your image and handmade paper go perfectly together! OMG - snow! We have been so warm I wore shorts yesterday. I love it but it is awfully early. We have skipped right over spring. Tomorrow is a new month, is your spending freeze over?

  6. I love this card... it is so pretty, your coloring is great....
    Have a great day.

  7. Your card turned out SO BEAUTIFUL! I love how creative you are!!!! I was seriously thinking about your strawberry paper all day yesterday, so inspiring. You know in the fact that you didn't have something and you just made it! Sorry about the snow :( Maybe this will be the last of it and you'll only go up from here!

  8. Good luck with your freeze! That paper is so impressive!

  9. The strawberry paper looks great with this card. The flower and butterfly is a beautiful touch to the card.

  10. Ha ha on your gf not making the week with her spending freeze!

    I like now you allowed for your fabulous paper to be a focus as well- and the butterfly and flowers are just the right touch!

    Agh on the snow! We still have tons in our yard (not quite knee deep); but there are certainly areas that are all clear looking!

  11. Looove your card and your hand made paper is really gorgeous :):):)Fabulous work:):)
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog:):):)
    Love Merethe

  12. Hand made paper!! I always thought I wanted to try doing that, but just can't get myself motivated enough to try it. It sure is a pretty color, and goes fabulous with your image!!

    And your hubby sure likes to spoil you! Mine likes to spoil me too, just not so much in the scrapbooking dept. and he would NEVER think of a way around ME not spending the money! LOL!

  13. Such an adorable card! I am totally laughing at what Wayne said! My son, Maverick, said to me, if someone else buys it for you then it doesn't count as you shopping :o) I am proud to report that I still have not bought anything :o) Hugs!

  14. Tracy, your card making skills are awesome! TFS!

  15. Good for you, for sticking to your guns! I hope you make it! That card turned out really cute! Love the strawberry paper lining the recipe card inside too! Sorry you got snow, our was all rain!

  16. Love your card and the way you made the background paper...too cool!

  17. Cute card, sweet image and colouring is great :)
    love the hand painted paper you did too!

  18. We came through snow in a couple of places on our drive home from Seattle. Just glad to be home if I can't be in Hawaii.

  19. We came through snow in a couple of places on our drive home from Seattle. Just glad to be home if I can't be in Hawaii.


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