Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Card and I found out who the tampon bandit was ;)

I used one of my new Pure Innocence stamps I bought on our trip :)
You know what that means...I get to buy some more, lol.
I saw a card on the net and copied the layout. It was only a photo, no links to the original, so sorry I can't give credit to the original.
I also used my new punch :)  I stamped part of the phrase that came with the stamp set on the punched tab.
Now I think I need some small word stamps ;)

I coloured her with my Copics and paper pieced her dress.
I really like how she turned out..until I uploaded the card on here and it looks like she is wearing a granny dress, lol.
I didn't ink anything, can you believe it.
Oh that's a lie, I inked the around the image.

The inside of this card.
I used some left over papers to back my recipe card.
I think I may stamp something on here yet.

Onto My Day:
I woke up to this text from Wayne.
"Think you might need glasses to read the thermometer, 10C=50F. And I'm the tampon bandit ;)  "
I guess he had some down time at work today and checked out my blog post from yesterday, lol.

I had some errands to do today. Banking, groceries, pick up some office supplies (which I forgot my list at home, so need to go back). And lastly brought Kristy to her boyfriends house.
The Natural Gas company was suppose to change our gas meter, but I cancelled. I hate being in a rush, so I phoned and rescheduled.

I went to the bank today with Ashley.
She has an excellent credit rating and there is no problem with her getting a loan for a house :)
I am so proud of her.
The Mortgage Specialist  was very impressed with how much she has saved and her credit rating. I don't think she could believe someone as young as Ashley is so responsible. That's my girl :)
She also asked where in the city she would like to purchase a house from....I told her close to me, lol.
The lady told Ashley its a good idea to live close to your parents, she lives close to her mom and loves it.
I am so excited for her, but at the same time a little sad that she is going to be living on her own, and not be able to see her every single day :(
The housing market right now is crazy here. There are actually bidding wars going on. 

Hope you all had a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I don't think she looks like she has a granny dress on, she looks adorable. I like the layout of this card, what is the size of the card by the way?
    Wow, I am very impressed with your daughter too. How exciting; let the house hunting begin!

  2. You will rejoice her leaving when you convert her "OLD" room into your new "SCRAP ROOM"!!!LOL You should and the guest room can be your old room and then the guest won't stay long cause they have to do laundry. LOL
    pretty card with a granny dress. LOL j.K.
    so wayne needs to plug a hole huh? wow sounds scary. LOL

  3. oh i love this image and your coloring is always outstanding.

    have a great wekened

  4. Now I want to know WHY Wayne is the tampon bandit!

    Awesome for Ashley!

  5. Cute card today and yesterday!
    Because you know I had to go back and read yesterday's post re: the tampon bandit.
    And why did he do that? (LOL)

    Anyway, have a great weekend!!

  6. Very cute card and that wee butterfly is adorable! Great news for Ashley how exciting! I was 22 when I bought my first house. There's nothing like it!

  7. This is so beautiful! I love the paper pieced dress.

  8. Very cute card-love the little sheer butterfly!

    Congrats to your daughter! Good luck with the house hunting.

  9. Definitely a sweet card, granny dress and all :o) I do not look forward to the day my boys start moving out :o( Maverick already talks about it and he's only 16, lol. Funny that Wayne ended up being the bandit :o) Hugs!

  10. Great card, your coloring is gorgeous! Love Penny

  11. Love the card! I love Pure Innocence stamps and I really like your combination of pattern paper that you used. It really is awesome that Ashley can purchase a house all by herself. I'm sure that she wont be moving far. You just happened to raise beautiful responsible independent women that love their family. How awesome is that. Good luck on her house hunting. I was wondering about the 30 F it didn't seem to be a good day to go for a walk LOL. Did Wayne happen to mention WHY he had the tampon box to begin with? At least he owned up :)

  12. I love all those flowers on that card and her dress!
    Lol, I KNEW it was Wayne!!!!!!!! Did you tell him I figured it out, or did he read the comments too? Hahaha!
    Tell Ashley I'm proud of her :)

  13. Beautiful Card,love the flowers!! And congrats to your daughter, Ashley! What an exciting time in both of your lives.

  14. yay for ashley! ill have to get her a gift once she gets a house!@

  15. I like this cute little girl stamp. Glad you found the tampon bandit -but why him???? Your Ashley is so responsible-you have done such a good job raising your girls.
    Found a stamp store here in Honolulu that I am going to hit up today.

  16. I love the stamp! That is too funny about Wayne being the tampon bandit! I wonder why he put the box there?!

    Congratulations to Ashley on her mortgage, and congratulations to you on raising such a responsible daughter!!

  17. I'm not even going to ask WHY Wayne was the tampon bandit... ;D

    You do find the cutest stamps to use! I love this one in the red especially.

    How exciting for your daughter to finally be getting her own place and yes, sad for you to have her go. I'm sure she'll still be over a lot!

  18. Oooh! Pretty background paper and pretty card! I wish the housing market would do that here - then we could probably move back into town! But maybe 6 1/2 months pregnant isn't really the time to be moving anyway...
    :-) :-) :-)

  19. pretty card as always - love those papers :)

  20. Sad that your daughter will be moving out but fun, fun, fun, going shopping with her to outfit a new house! Oh yeah!
    The card is so cute and Wayne is too funny!

  21. Wonderful design, and the layout works perfectly...she doesn't look to granny like in her paper pieced dress...kinda cute actually:)!!



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