Friday, March 16, 2012

Jennifer and Jasons Shag

Tonight was our nieces and her fiance shag.
They are such a beautiful couple and so sweet.
Their shag was a St. Patrick's day theme, hence the green shirts and the cute green hat Jennifer is wearing.

Don't know what a shag is?
Well here in Ontario, it is a combination of a shower and a stag.
Tickets are sold for you to enter (about $2.00-$3.00 each). You can purchase additional tickets for alcohol. There are also games you can play also for a prize. There are also draws for prizes. The prizes are usually donated by companies around town.
The profit of this goes to the couple to help with the wedding costs, or to start their new life together.
Jennifer and Jason had some really great prizes, a trip to Las Vegas, 3 autographed jerseys from Patrick Sharp, who now plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, a local hockey player that knows the family.
Sometime people who don't even know the couple come to dance and have a good time.

Hubby and I didn't stay that late.
Wayne has had a headache for 5 days, and he couldn't handle the pounding music any longer.
We came home to Ashley, Heather and Kristy sitting around the laptop. They were checking out houses to go to some open houses tomorrow.
Not sure who is more excited Ashley or her sisters ;)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)
Oh you had all asked why Wayne put the empty tampon box on the hutch.
First you have to understand the sense of humour my family has.
Second, he was tired of looking at it on the bathroom counter for 3 days and wanted to see how long it would take for us to notice. lol.



  1. I love Wayne the tampon bandit great and love the sense of humor!

  2. hahahaha Wayne sounds like a hoot!
    I had never heard of a shag...OMG Don't let the peas know how it worked...somehow I think it would quickly go downhill...hahahaha
    Oh, tonight you have made me giggle!!!

  3. Oh I'm sorry about the headaches - I hope they go away soon! Sounds like fun on the party!

  4. They are the most adorable couple! The party sounds like such a cool idea! Hope Wayne is feeling better. Today will be such a fun day!!! I love to look at houses, even if I'm not buying!

    The ones you're looking at ARE all close to your house, right? ;)

  5. What a fun tradition. I'd never heard of it and I really love the idea. TFS! Hope your hubby feels better soon.

  6. How fun! Never heard of that.
    Yay for Patrick Sharp. A great player.

  7. A shag sounds like fun, unless you have a headache like Wayne. Good luck looking for houses!

  8. Ooo, do you get to look too? How fun to look at the houses! Good luck to Ashley in her search!

  9. Sounds fun, not Wayne's headache part though (I feel for hime there) :o) That is hilarious about wanting to see how long it would take for you to notice! Men think they are so funny! Hugs!

  10. Never heard of a shag...interesting!

  11. So a shag in USA is a haircut, a shag in the UK is sex, and a shag in Canada is a weird concoction of a bachelor party/bridal shower that people you don't even know can buy tickets to attend. Okay I got it!

    Hope Wayne feels better and have fun house hunting!

  12. Well I learned something new today. At first I thought you were saying they were gonna have sex and I was thinking what an open laid back family you guys had. LOL. I hope they have a blast at the party.

    You should totally move the tampon box to the garage counter to see how long it takes him to notice it there. :D

  13. >.< a headache for five days must be aweful. Open house are fun to go to. Hope you find a good house.

  14. Hope the husband is feeling better - esp since I think I like his sense of humor. Never heard of a shag but that sounds like a fun tradition! :)

  15. Cute Couple and I have never heard of a shag... that's pretty neat! Sorry about Wayne's headache.. Hope he gets better soon! Funny about the tampon box.. that made me laugh.. Awesome that Ashley is buying her own home! I know you must be proud of all your girls!
    Cute card too!

  16. Cute couple! I was confused about whether this post was about a rug or an "adult subject". Thanks for broadening my vocabulary.

  17. Such a darling couple! I guess I didn't know what a Shag was, but as it turns out, my hubby and I had one, but not as big an affair as your niece's (now we know there's a name for it). It was just a get together with friends. I had a shower though.

    Your hubby sure does have a sense of humor! Nothing like being the only guy in a houseful of gals. hee hee!

  18. Never heard of a shag before. Sounds like fun though!


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