Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too much Sweetness

I coloured an image while watching Survivor tonight.
Not sure when she will get on a card though.
It is one of my new CC Design stamps.

When Kristy was at her Co-cop placement the lady that is trainer her, gave her some icing and some tools to practice making roses.
This is her first time, and I thing she is doing great!

 She was also practicing her writing with icing. She doesn't really like this part, teehee.
But I did, because I took a rubber spatula and scrapped it up and enjoyed the sweetness ;)

Wayne wanted a snack so Kristy added some icing to his Nutragrain bar. Not as healthy now is it, lol.  But oh so good.

Onto My Day:
I was exhausted today. I think it was because of the weather. It rained all day today.
I babysat my nephew today. He is such a sweetie. I was going to share a photo of him, but forgot to ask permission to post it.
He was taking a nap when I got there. So I was worried he would cry when he saw that it was me who took him out of the crib and not his mommy.
But nope, I picked him up and he just snuggled into my neck. Oh I miss that so much.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm still contemplating on getting that new CC images yet....yours came out really pretty...great colours....
    Did you get my last message on your previous posting?

  2. I love a good sleepy snuggle. Haha on the frosted Nutrigrain bar!

  3. Super cute....and please try out for the DT...Sheryl's images are so fun...think hard girl....only have to post once every two weeks...easy peasy...have a great

  4. Aww, a little 'shroom girl! So cute!
    Great roses! Yum on her testers! ;0)

  5. You are very talented Tracy, and I love the fact that you can draw so well while watching t.v. me, not so good at doing that.
    I love the rose, it looks so pretty and yummy!

  6. Wow this image is very cute and sweet,and your colouring is fabulous
    Looking forward to see the image on a new card:):)
    Wish you a wonderful day:)Hugs Merethe

  7. Oh, I remember writing with icing to be the hardest. Haven't decorated a cake in years. Looks like she got the hang of it pretty quick.

  8. that image is just way to cute!! great job!

    oh a nutragrain with icing--sounds yummy!!

  9. Love the colours you chose. That rose turned out great!!!

  10. At first, by the title,i thought you meant your colored image was too much sweetness :) We use to put icing on graham crackers, mmm! Kristy's rose looks awesome!

    Can you believe Colton went home like that??? Crazy!

  11. Mmmmm, that icing looks so yummy! I hate writing with icing, I always try and always mess it up!

    I love the colors you chose for that image!

  12. Adorable image, can't wait to see the card she makes her debut on :o) Yummy frosting! I would agree, not so healthy on a nutigrain bar :o) Such a sweet baby story, I miss that too! Hugs!

  13. That image kinda reminds me of Cindy Loo Hoo. Too cute!

    Your daughter is doing an excellent job with frosting techniques! Writing with frosting is not that thrilling, but it's kinda the most important part of a birthday cake. At least you can read what she writes!

    How sweet that you got to snuggle with your nephew. Little ones are just so precious!

  14. Love the image! And that rose was wonderful. Your daughter did a wonderful job.
    I was thing about you today because I added some Tracy envelope tag holders to 4 junk journals I was making. Did I tell you I got a hole box of window envelopes at a thrift store for $2.00? I have a ton if you need any.


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