Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We made it home safe and sound.
We did check out another mall on the way home, but I didn't buy anything...really I didn't.
Now the fun part is finding a place for all my new goodies.

I saw this quote in a magazine and it really hit home.
I think if more people did what makes them come alive, or lived their passion there would be so much more happiness in this world.
I am not naive enough to believe that everyone can make a living doing what they love (wouldn't that be great though). But if we would make the time to do what we love....even for an hour a day or week, I think everyone would be a bit more happier. 

I know a lot of you ladies love your "Bling".
I think this lady has you all beat, lol.
I think she found her passion :)

These glass tiles were all around her car.
She likes her sparkle :)

Tonight we are just chilaxing watching some Fringe and I am going to catch up on some emails and book work.
What about that Walking Dead last night?!?!?!?!
Holy crapola, I am so upset they killed off Shane!  I had so much hope for him. I really did like him :(
He was the one who kept everyone together and alive before Rick arrived.
And what about Lori, boy this lady bugs me.
Sad that there is only one episode left and then we have to wait so long for a new one :(

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)



  1. Ya, I can't believe they killed off TWO characters back to back on Walking Dead!! I really hope they bring a better female role. I don't like any of the females.

    Glad you enjoyed your shopping!

  2. That is an interesting car! Glad you had such a fun trip!

  3. Okay so I was going to pm you but since you brought it up, if they are turning into zombies right after dying, because they all are infected with the virus then what on earth will Lori's baby be like? Hmmmm, just giving you something to think about. You know I didn't like Shane, but I loved the angst between him and Rick.

  4. That's quite the car you saw. Glad you all got home OK. Looking forward to see what your package has in it. I love surprises.

  5. That car is crazy! I like bling but not enough to put in on my car. Plus my husband would kill me. A license plate frame, now that's a different story. I love the quote. I decided I wanted to be nice to people and be drama free regardless of what anyone else thinks of it. I try to make someone else smile at least once a day and that makes me happy. Maybe I should have been a clown in a circus but they creep me out too much.

  6. oh wow what a car!

    glad you are all home safe and sound!!

  7. In the book Shane gets killed in the very first book... So I was expecting him to die soon

  8. Glad you all made it home safe! That lady's car is very interesting! Ha! I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I saw a spoiler article yesterday about it and thought of you!

  9. Glad to see you got home safely and have the "daunting" task of putting all your treasures away. hee hee!

    Now THAT lady has an interesting car!! I think it's cool that you got a couple pictures of it! Like some others have mentioned before me here, I loves my bling, but couldn't do it on my car....unless I KNEW it would get me on a TV show for $$$!! ;^)

  10. Love the quote! Glad you are home safe. Can't wait to see what you do with all your new papers and stamps.

  11. OK, I'm not sure I'd want to get my bling on to that extent! That's some bling dedication. LOL. I took a peek below at all of your new goodies! How fun. Can't wait to see what you create with your haul. That Jenni Bowlin punch is one of my new favorite things! :)

  12. I love that quote Tracy *Ü* so true...and oh myy... the lengths some people go to stretch their scrapbook stash bling! *Ü* LOL. TFS. ~Glen~

  13. Wow, I can't believe that car, lol. Glad you are safe at home :o) Awesome shopping! Hugs!

  14. Wow, that is one blingy car! I'd be afraid the sun would hit it just right and I'd blind another driver, then there would be an accident!

  15. Glad you are home safe, hope you had a great time...looks like you saw some interesting things along the way (love the blinged out car)!

  16. Glad you made it home safe :) Had to chuckle about the BLING lady - that's serious stuff! LOL!

  17. A blinged out car! How cool!

  18. bwahaha! That car is awesomeness :D

  19. I am sooo glad Shane is gone, sorry. He was totally weirding out, and Lori just made it worse by insinuating about the baby and her feelings! What is she up to?! I though Randall might have a longer part, oh well. I have to admit I really liked the "patrol" spree the 4-some was on, especially the pitchfork kill, .


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