Friday, February 1, 2013

Dinner out & Rose is still ill

Short post as I am packing for my 15 hour crop for Scrap for Heart.
Packing for Wayne's and my getaway for our Anniversary.
And the time worrying about our poor Rose.

Last night was a bit scary.
About 4 hours after we gave Rose her insulin shot, she staggered around. And seemed confused.
So I did what was instructed and tried to give her some food. She took a few treats.
Still staggering or just laying on the rug.
So I rubbed some Corn Syrup on her gums. Within a few minutes she walked away like nothing had happened.

When the vet called this morning, I told her what happened and she told me to bring her in for more blood work.
Turns out her glucose levels are normal, so they don't think she has diabetes after all.
She may have a problem with her pancreis.
Anyone need some needles and insulin?

She has more or less stayed under the bed most of the day.
The girls are making her eat and drink...if she doesn't drink, we have been using needless syringes to give her water.
We just want her to get better :(

Sorry for my sad post...its just that was my day today.
Taking Rose to the vet and getting more medicine for her.

On a bright side we took Wayne out for an early birthday dinner.
We went to Bistro One....never been to a restaruant where they put napkins on your lap for you.
Maybe a bit to fancy for me ;)
The food was good though :)

Wayne even received a free desert for being the special birthday boy ;)
 We all shared...if he wanted to or not, lol

Hope you all have had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. So sorry my friend that she isn't doing well.I will continue to check in on you both. Big hugs my friends. Happy birthday to dear ol' wayne;)

  2. Hope rose starts to feel better soon! Can't wait for our crop tomorrow (- actually today as I am still awake). We you in hours.... :). Happy birthday Wayne!

  3. Aw, poor Rose! Hopefully she feels better soon. Yikes on her misdiagnosis.
    Is that calamari? I LOVE calamari! Have fun scrapping and on your anniversary getaway!

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear about rose. Enjoy your getaway & anniversary! I am sure the girls will take care of rose. Happy anni!

  5. Enjoy your crop and your getaway for your anniversary. I hope they find out whats wrong with Rose soon :-( Hugs, Karon.

  6. I've got Rose in my furry prayers. Maybe it's gallstones? Hopefully she'll bounce back soon.

  7. I hope Rose is feeling better. Before I read the rest of your post, I was going to say she got too much insulin. Fancy that. Pets are such a darn worry. They are like your kids!
    Have fun at your crop today.

  8. I hope Rose is doing better, poor baby. Our pets are such a part of our family, aren't they? Happy early birthday to Wayne!! The food looks delicious!

  9. I am so so sorry that Rose is still sick. I hope they are able to figure out what is ailing her and that she feels better soon.


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