Saturday, June 22, 2013

A weeding kinda day

Today was an overcast day. Perfect for weeding, but also perfect for every single type of bug that bites to come along and enjoy a little piece of me.
This is a memorial garden my girls and I made in honour of  my MIL, many years ago.
It desperately needed weeding... Since this is the first time I was able to get to it this year.
All nice and weeded :)
I have inherited my moms brown thumb and I don't know to much about plants. To prove this I almost pulled out some plants from last year.
Luckily I was smart enough to leave the plant sticks in the ground from last year to remind me :) 
I bought these markers for my girls it put in the memory garden. They have lasted 11 yrs. I just have to rewrite their names on them every few years.
Later on I decided to tackle this flower bed as well. Every year they all start out like full of weeds, grass and pine needles.
Again, luckily, I left the plant markers in with the plants. 
I think I may have come up with a great idea to identify my plants. 
I took a water bottle, cut it in strips and then wrap it around the plant and stick the edges in the dirt..
I know this plant doesn't look to healthy. 
Told you... Grime Reaper of plants.
After all the weeding was done Heather and I went for a nice quad ride:)
I checked on our baby robins and they have left the nest.
See what happens when we miss a weekend.
But I checked over at my FILs and he has a mama robin over there.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Tracy :)


  1. Great pictures - love the colour Robin egg blue! Hope you have had a fab weekend:-)

  2. Good job on all the weeding. Not a nice chore to do!!!! I don't think I have much of a green thumb either, but I keep trying. Hope you had a great weekend at your cottage.

  3. We have robins that come nest under our deck every year. Good job with weeding! Our gardens have got so bad, they are beyond just pulling- they need a full out digging. :0/

  4. Love that last photo of the eggs in the robins nest. What a gorgeous shade of blue they are!

    Too bad you missed yours leaving the nest...

  5. I am the same way with plants. Much better with paper! Everything we have planted is either, no maintenance, or is supposed to die at the end of the year lol!

  6. I am terrible with plants! AJ used to be a landscaper in college, so I am relying on him to keep everything alive!

    The robin's eggs are such a pretty shade of blue!


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