Friday, June 21, 2013

Travel Tote/kit for my Smash book, Day Planner and Journals complete

I have finally got it completed.
My Travel tote/kit for my Smash book, day planner and journal supplies!!
I should have got a better photo of those plastic photo boxes.
They house my:
Journal pads, Photos, Smash pads, Stamps, Sticky Notes, Tabs and Washi tape.
And yes they are in alphabetical order ;)
I have an extra one that is empty. I do have room for one more, but the colours wouldn't be even, and not sure if I can handle that, I may start to twitch, lol.
I have my tiny trimmer and T-squared in the velcro holder.

On this side I have my inks, then my date stamps.
My Journals and Smash books. I also have a clear pouch with memorabilia in it, but you can't see it from this photo.
Then I have a ton of coloured pens, white out and pencils.
On the left side I have 6x6 paper pads, die cuts, twine.
On the right side I have the different types of adhesive and my scissors, extra blades and ruler.

I also made a video of my process and more detail on what I keep in here.
It is still uploading as we are walking out the door to go to the cottage, so I am hoping Kristy can figure it out when she comes home from Blakes tonight.

I hope you all have had a creative Friday, and a wonderful weekend.
I hear it suppose to rain all weekend, but I would rather stare out at the lake in the rain :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice organization. Hope you have a great weekend at the lake. And hope you see a little sunshine. I hear Calgary is in quite a mess with all the flooding!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to wonderful weather tomorrow! Love how you organized the tool kit!

  3. Have a great weekend up at the cottage. We are up at the lake too. Hoping to get in the pool tomorrow...We had some nice sunshine today!

  4. Great idea on the craftsman! I would of never thought of using one for scrapbooking supplies.
    I just love how you organize everything. I thought about buying the photo boxes. After seeing yours I will now. A see you'll be working on your Smash book. I just love working in mine. I just did a two page last night. Have a fun time at the lake! Hugs : )

  5. WOW - fabulous tote and love love how much you managed to fit in there!! Have a fabulous weekend at the cottage, rain or shine :-)

  6. It looks great! I can't believe how much you packed in there! You are too funny with your same number of colored things. Lol!

    It rained here last weekend, but this weekend it's HOT and we've been swimming A LOT!

  7. That looks great! Naturally I went straight to the video :D

    I wish I could buy those photo cases in pretty colours anywhere here!

  8. I loved your video, great ideas for storage. Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see another creative fellow Canadian.

  9. Thanks for sharing your storage system - I love it! Very inspiring!

  10. very innovative and easy to grab.

  11. This is awesome! How perfect to just grab and go!

    I can't watch the video though :( I'm sitting in a workshop pretending to take notes, but really having much more fun reading your blog!

  12. Wow, this looks great!! Love that pink tool tote.


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