Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Colouring cause I want to.

I felt like colouring tonight.
I was busy most of the day, but tonight as we sat down to watch some telley I really wanted to get out my Copics.
This is a Little Blue Button Stamps image.
It isn't my DT day, but I just wanted to colour up this cutie.

I have no idea what I am going to do with her.
I was thinking of putting her in my planner, as I printed her off pretty tiny, about 2.5".
I may put a card stock mat behind her and punch holes to put her in the rings of my planner.
Here is a closer look at her.
Why is it when I take a close up photo and not until I upload it do I find the flaws in my colouring?

Look what greeted me this morning when I went to check the mail.
A lunar moth.
This one looks like he just nearly escaped being breakfast as his tail has been chomped on.

Onto My Day:
I did a bit more cleaning today.
Had to take Kristy for a follow up about the headaches she has been getting.
I think the doctor was correct in saying it was her sinuses as she has only had 3 headaches since she was there after taking the medicine he prescribed.
I also got him to take a look at Kristy's hand. When she was at her friends house last night, their dog bit her. I was not impressed. Even though Kristy made light of it. The doctor said it looks fine and should heal up nicely.

Heather has been watching Hannibal and wanted Wayne and I to check it out.
The girls are always getting Wayne and I to watch the shows they enjoy.
I like it, not sure if I love the characters yet, but I think its worth the watch so far.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)
Do you create just for the fact/fun of creating?
Or do you need a purpose in order to create?

Tracy :)


  1. Cool image you colored up. Glad Kristy is doing better with her headaches. No time for creating, worked all day and too darn tired!

  2. You're soo good with your copics! That's a cute pic :)

    ...and to answer your questions, I think I need a purpose to create something most of the time (invitations, dresses to a wedding, etc..), but sometimes I just get an idea I want to try out.

  3. this is an adorable image! always enjoy your colored images- they are always so beautiful

  4. I usually keep my hands busy with some craft when I'm watching TV, too. Love this image. She's so pretty! Love the blue shading on her dress. :)

  5. Love the image you have coloured, so sweet. That moth looks awesome wow! And I love just doing stuff for the fun of it - sometimes that is the best way to go :-) How is Kristy's tattoo healing, would love to see a photo when it's all healed:-)

  6. I think that image would look great in your planner! I hope Kristy's hand it's ok! Lately it seems like I create when I need a card or project for something. I think that's because we're so busy right now though :)

  7. such a cute image and I was thinking such great coloring! I would still couldn't see any errors on the closeup :)

    I think I usually need a purpose to create. I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to just play with mediums. But I did buy some gelatos recently and think that is just what I need to do with them before using them on a project and messing it up :)

  8. She is precious! And I have definitely heard of copics and have seen them popping up in the craft stores but I have never used them myself. You did a beautiful job on her and wherever you decide to put her, make sure it is somewhere that you will be able to frequently enjoy her. Have a great day!

  9. Hi Tracy - just stopping by to say thank you for leaving a comment on the metal effects post and also to say that your girl is coloured to perfection. I created a stamp out of a photo of an old barn that I want as a background for my windmill as part of the galvanised steel background, but colouring that is so kicking my butt. I keep smudging and bleeding everything.

  10. I always love your coloring and never see any flaws! Of course, we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else!

    That is upsetting that Kristy got bit by a dog! I'm glad that it will heal up okay!

  11. What a cute card. Your coloring looks fine up close! I do the same thing though. Hope you enjoy Hannibal. I didn't watch at first, and then when all of my shows ended for the season I found it online and started to watch. After the first episode I knew dh would like it so we watched the whole thing together. Can't wait to see what happens next season!

  12. That is a really cute image, I try and get my crafty fix any way I can :)

  13. Your card is so cute! I see nothing wrong with your up close! Your cards are so cute! I've just been working in my Smash book the past few days. Almost finished the book! It's a good thing I have another ready. Have a nice day! : )

  14. Beautiful coloring. If I got bit by a dog I would be so mad hehe.. Hope Kristy's okay =)


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