Monday, June 3, 2013

Day planner pages

Here is last weeks day planner pages.
I thought I would like the black and white pages...but not so much.
I think I like more colour in my life ;)

I usually show my weeks pages when they are filled in.
It actually looks like I have a life when its full ;)
I thought I would share my pages before they are all filled in. So here are the pages, at the beginning of the week with just the washi tape added.

I was opening my packages from my goodies and couldn't believe how well they seal them.
I had to tear the packaging in tiny pieces just to get to the product. And as you can is still contained, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I like the black and white, but I tend to like more color in my life too!

    Packaging is so crazy! I hate when I can't get at the product - so frustrating!

  2. Black and white looks nice. I like lots of colors too. Especially bright colors. Sometimes they package things too good that we can't even get it open.

  3. All that packaging drives me crazy! Save some $$$ and make it easier to get in to. I like lots of color in my life too. Black and white is so boring to me!

  4. Great pages - but yep colour is cool :-) That has to be my pet hate at Christmas, when you are trying to unpack things for the girls - it's crazy!

  5. I get where you were going with the black and white bit completely understand about the color. I like color too!

  6. love the black and white!! looks awesome

  7. I with you. I like lots of color in my planner. Now clothing, I prefer black and white. :)

  8. What a cool way to keep track of your daily activities. You've inspired me!

  9. The black and white looks great! and I know what you mean about the packages, it drives me nuts sometimes!

  10. I'm with you-I like a little color. Those packages drive me batty. It's like they think whatever's inside will come to life and escape.

  11. Oh, I love the black and white pages!! And your week had pixies! :D


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