Saturday, June 8, 2013

Excitement at the cottage

Kristy loves to ride, just like her mom:)
And just like me, she hates to eat dust
So she wears her shades and a bandanas. I on the other hand have goggles and a full face protector. But am thinking of also using a bandana.
 Yup we love to ride:)

I noticed that the last weekend we were up, that a robin had built a nest under the propped up boat. So I snuck a peek;)
Whoever said all babies were cute didn't see a baby robin,lol
On one of Kristy and my rides I saw a cougar walk across our trail. I couldn't believe it!
When Kristy caught up to me I told her we should take a look. So we drove to where I saw it go in the bush, and there was a lynx.  I was shocked again.
It didn't move, just kept staring at us.
Of course neither of us had a camera.
I told Kristy we should get going just in case mama came by.

When we were getting ready to leave for camp Friday night, Wayne squished his finger in a ratchet thingy. It bled pretty bad, but he just wanted a bandaid and we were on our way. 
Then we get to camp and he asked me if  his finger looked crooked. What do you think?
He had a bad sleep. But didn't want to go home.
So he MacGyver'd it :p
He used some paint sticks and medical tape.
Yes, we are leaving early tomorrow so he can get it looked at....crazy guy.
I hope you have all been enjoying your weekend and had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Kind of scary seeing a lynx and a cougar. Glad you are safe.
    Hope Wayne's finger is OK. It's not always wise to be the tough guy! Glad to see you have lots of protective gear on while riding!

  2. Those Robins look so small. I hope your husband's finger will be ok. Hope you and your family having a blast riding.

  3. Yeouch! And scary to see a lynx and cougar while on quads! If I ever see one, I want it to be from the car! And yes, those baby robins are ugly!
    So, you want to use googles! O.0

  4. Hehe! Love the photo's! Hope Wayne's finger is ok!

  5. Boy, you've had a lot of excitement for one weekend! The finger looks crooked and painful. Hope he gets some relief soon.

  6. Ouch! Hope Wayne's finger is ok! Mike has done that before and just let's it heal on it's own. Lol!

  7. I hope Wayne's finger is okay! AJ broke his once as a kid and he just let it heal, so now his finger is crooked! Hahaha It kind of looks funny now that I'm staring at it!

    The robins are so tiny, I've never seen baby ones before!


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