Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home, Goodies..and we had a dress?

Well, we made it home safe and sound.
I had a wonderful time with my daughters and loved every second of it.

I told you I was going to share the rest of my creative goodies and here they are :)
This was my target haul.
Lots of goodies for my Smash book and my day planner.
I picked up a few composition note books as I plan on altering them. They cost me less than a dollar where as here they are about $11.00 each.  Insane.

I picked up this tote from Sears.
It was only $9.99. I had seen a lady store her supplies for her filofax in one of these and thought it was such an awesome way to store the supplies.
I actually have a few different ways I may want to store my supplies (so I can have them on hand) for my planner and my Smash supplies. Now only to find the right way that works for me.

Both of these purchases were from yesterday.
Today we went to Target and I picked up these sticky notes and another pair of these scissors, because really, a crafter can't have enough scissors.
I found this page maps book at Barns and Noble. Last time I was at our book store here in town, they didn't have any scrapbooking books.

Just so you know, we did find Kristy a grad dress. It is so pretty on her. It was a great price as well!
I kept asking her if she was sure she liked it. Yes she said.
Are you sure your not going to change your mind. No mom, I love it.
Its a soft colour and you didn't want a soft colour. No mom, I really like it.
Now that we are home...guess what? She is not sure if she likes it.
We will see what tomorrow will bring, lol.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :


  1. Glad you had a great shopping weekend with your girls. Hope Kristy grows to love her dress. Otherwise lots of shopping goodness for mama!

  2. Agh! Hope she turns out to love it! Sometimes you are not sure then somehow LOVE! I agree, I feel like I could not have too many scissors (or trimmers, I have 5!) :0)

  3. Get shopping haul. Hope Kristy ends up liking that dress otherwise it's back to the drawing board! LOL!! Good luck :)

  4. Oh that is too funny...perhaps she will change her mind....again!

    You got a lot of great sure can save $ in America!

  5. I can't say that I enjoy dress shopping either. Maybe it's still a keeper. Looks like you scored some fun things. I've never seen that pink craftsman bag but can see the possibilities! Very cool. :)

  6. Great hauls - and love the tote! Hope Kristy settles on the dress she has got - can't wait to see her in it :-) Have a great week.

  7. oh i am loving all your new goodies!!

  8. That does look like a great haul! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

  9. Such a great haul!
    And wow! $11 for a composition notebook :-O
    I love that caddy, too :)

  10. Great haul! I was looking this weekend for that exact tool tote but my sears was out.

  11. Great haul, hopefully she will continue to like the dress :)

  12. You can take the girl out of the office (job) but you can't take the office out of the girl, huh? Just kidding. Glad you got so many fun things for your planner. Great tote. Hope she likes the dress.

  13. Wonderful goodies. I love those roller phrase stamps...when I remember to use them (I guess that means I have too much stuff if I forget so often)

  14. $11 for a composition notebook???? Are you freaking kidding me? Why didn't you tell me, I ship them to you! I love all of your new goodies and that tote is awesome! I hope you do a video on how you store your supplies in those cases. I have a few of those, but don't know what to use them for :) too funny about Kristy...

  15. You got great goodies! I really love the craftsman tote, especially that it is pink!

    I'm sorry Kristy isn't liking her dress now. I hate when I buy something, then change my mind!

  16. So many awesome goodies you got.

  17. We saw that pink tote at Sears too, and I hinted to dh but so far, no tote. Guess I'll have to buy it myself.


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