Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let the planting begin

Was a beautiful day at the cottage.
All of our girls came up as well as their boyfriends.

So we put the boys to work by helping up put the dock extension in ;)
Heather and I spend most of the day planting my flowers. I think I have over 7 different flower planters.

Bugs were bad again. And I was unlucky emough to get bit right under my eye. So not only do I have a red mark, it also is a bit swollen and looks like its bruised. Lets hope that goes away soon. 

It is a long weekend for us as we celebrate Canada Day this Monday :)

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and hope you had a creative Saturday 

Tracy :)


  1. Planting is always fun. Bugs is not fun though. I hope you get better soon. Lovely flowers and your girls look so happy.

  2. Sorry about your eye! Hope you got all the flowers and the dock is done so you can enjoy yourselves!

  3. Enjoy the long weekend at the lake. Lots of Canadians in town here for your long weekend! Hope your eye is better tomorrow. You wouldn't believe where I just had a bug bite.

  4. It looks so nice with your names over the planter! You have been busy!

    I have the girls and the grands up for the long weekend. We are celebrating youngest DD's birthday as well as Fathers Day (first time we have all been together) as well as Canada Day.
    There will be decorations for the kids bikes and there is a bike parade in the afternoon for all the younger children in the resort.

    We usually drive round the lake to a great parade in Blind Bay...Can't wait!
    Bugs are bad here this year...cuz it poured rain for so long and where there is water lying about...there are mosquitos! Yuck!

    hope you feel better soon.

  5. I love flowers and herbs and pretty gardens but I am really way too lazy to garden, I get a garden-service to come in once or twice a month to mow the lawn, cut the trees, tidy up and weed - how spoiled is that? And my garden is teeny tiny too. Your girls are all so adorable. I recently found a formula that calls for cloves, veggie oil and rubbing alcohol to make a anti-bug solution - so far it is working great at keeping the mosquitoes out. I live in a very tropical part of the world and right nextdoor to a "vlei" - I dont know what the word in English is for "vlei" - maybe mosquitoes are like air here. I have tried all kinds of commercial repellants - so far the the clove oil solution is the only thing that works fairly decently. Today I am going to make a mosquito trap out of yeast and sugar and a coke bottle. Will let you know if it works.

  6. Ouch on the bug bite. It sounds like you're enjoying your cottage time - work and all. Love the sign!

  7. I love your sign! Bugs, the curse of summer! Hope the bite clears up soon.

  8. Ew, right under the eye! Ouch! I saw all your flowers on Facebook, the look gorgeous!

  9. That is awesome that the boys were able to help! My mom always puts AJ to work when he comes home, usually moving furniture! Hahaha


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