Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monthly pages all prettied up

I usually share my weekly pages, but today I am going to share with you my month of June pages.
I have the full month (on 2 pages) in my planner, then I put my weeks for that month (1 week on 2 pages) right after that month.

Like my weekly pages, I enjoy decorating my monthly pages as well.
I use my washi tape to block out the days that don't pertain to this month.

I also stamp cupcakes for birthdays and find other stamps that go with special days.
I write special occasions and celebrations in pretty coloured markers.
I write appointments, or other things that may change in the new frixion pens I had just bought on our trip. More on these pen in this post below.

I am planning on making some changes in my life this month and thought this washi tape with this phrase on it  was perfect.
The pink pattern is also washi tape :)

Another inspirational quote.
I found this so neat that there is quotes like this on washi :)

Now about those Frixion pens I had mentioned above.
I have heard a lot about these pens lately.
At first I thought oh ya, I had erasable pens when I was younger and they wouldn't erase well, or they would smear.

Just because I wanted to be with the "in-crowd"....and honestly didn't believe they were as good as everyone said they were, I thought I would pick them up and try them myself.
Honestly they are really that great :)
They are bright and the ink is smooth when I write with them.
And they erase really well.
I will have to wait and see if they fade though...I will get back to you on that in a year or so ;)
If your wondering, I picked these up at Target.

Onto My Day:
My sister, Julia just moved into town this last weekend. So I went to see her new place and take her out groceries shopping.
Then picked up Heather and Kristy as they wanted to see her place as well.
After having a visit with my sister, Heather, Kristy and I went to check out a potential house with Ashley and her realtor.
I am not sure if this is the one for her....but you never know.

I hope you all have had a creative Tuesday :)



  1. Your planner looks great! Interesting pens. Good luck to Ashley with her house hunting!

  2. Looks like you have a busy month ahead. Love that time is now quote. Sounds like the perfect mantra for the month! :)

  3. Yet another reason to get to Target... sigh! That washi tape is sooo pretty! Love your month pages!

  4. I always forget about stamping on my monthly pages... Thanks for reminding me!! I like the quotes too. Did you buy the washi like that? I tried to tell you about the pens. You should listen to me ;) I'm going to check out target for the other colors!! That's exciting to have your sister close, right??

  5. Seeing everyone's prettied up pages, makes me want to do mine. :)

  6. Very pretty and colorful. Makes my daily chore/task logging so much more fun.

  7. Your monthly pages are fabulous too!

    I've never seen the purple and pink ones before! You know they have highlighter ones too - right?! I loved those when I was in school!

    How fun that your sister is living nearby now! That is so exciting, I hope you guys have lots of fun together :)

  8. Love how you decorated the pages of your planner :)

  9. Those pages look fab! Now then - what are these amazing changes to your life then - pray tell :-) Enjoy your rest of the week:-)

  10. Oh my gosh! I A-DORE the way you did the title part!! I have kind of started a Rustique & Chic shop journal (so to speak) and this would make it a little more fun to keep updated!

  11. Nice page. That pink patterned washi tape is so pretty!


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