Monday, June 17, 2013

No glasses...yet

Today, was a day I was regretting.
The reason.....
I finally went for my eye exam.
My friends kept telling me to get my eyes checked as I was using my cheaters all the time, and it was time for glasses.
Glasses...I don't want glasses. As much as I like to believe I am still young, my body keeps proving me wrong, lol.
Glasses would only prove to me that yes Tracy, age has caught up to you.
I know you may be thinking...but you wear cheaters, so whats the difference.
Well besides about $400.00, its just the principal of the whole thing.

I am happy to announce that my optometrist said I am good with the cheaters, I don't need reading glasses.
I can not tell you how happy this makes me.
My body may be falling apart, but at least my eyes are good for a bit longer anyway ;)

Hope you all had a creative Monday.
I had to register for "Crop and Create" that is coming to our town this October :)
Hopefully tomorrow I will share something creative with you :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad to hear your eyes are still good. I'm very happy for you. =)

  2. Are cheaters the ones from the drugstore? I am now finding that I need to use them on occasion- every now and then at bedtime, they make it easier. Good news that the cheaters are suitable still! :0D

  3. Yay for no glasses...I'm always scared to get my eyes checked too. I should probably do that soon...

  4. Nothing wrong with glasses LOL - I'm blind as a bat without mine. But it's good that you don't have to get the prescription ones just yet :-)

  5. It's always good news when you can get away with just using the cheapo reader cheaters! I'm on the verge of needing them myself.

  6. No gasses! Hip, hip hurrah! A scrapping event to look forward to.

  7. Yay, no glasses!!!!! I bet you were really feeling good!! Crop And create sounds fun!

  8. i have worn contacts for almost 40 years and 4 months ago i had lasik surgery and it is sooo awesome - now i still have to wear my cheaters but it is not that bad

  9. Ah! I'm jealous! I've had glasses since I was 7 (and I'm 26 now!) I can't even see when I take them off. If they fall on the floor while I'm sleeping, AJ needs to come find them for me!

    Sometimes I think I would like Lasik like Mary Pat, but it scares me, and I like wearing glasses. I can switch up my look between glasses and contacts so easily :)

  10. Great news let me tell you girl! I wore contacts for 40 years and had to switch to glasses last year. $1300.00 and 3 months later my eyes changed and I had to buy them all over again...of course it was $1300.00 all over again!(

  11. That's cool that you don't need custom glasses. I wear contacts when I'm out in the world and I have noticed that it's taking me longer to focus on the small print. I can still see it but I sense that subtle shift, that I won't always be able to see it. Sigh. I'm gonna fight it as long as I can though!

  12. Your so lucky Tracy.NO GLASSES!. I have to wear mine all the time.Cant read a word without them. Glasses are not for old people only. Lol. Now you can smile again. :)

  13. That's awesome news! I have bought me some glasses from Walmart just to see the up close. Not too long ago! lol Not liking the idea to much... The age part!!!! lol Have a nice day Tracy!

  14. Tracy, I am jealous - I have terrible vision and have been wearing contacts since I was about 13 or 14. I cant see at all without them. The worst part is that I have to wear reagular glasses for seeing and then put on a pair of cheaters on top of that for reading. It's a huge schlep.


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