Friday, June 14, 2013


Why do I do this to myself.
I am doing pretty good on the eating healthy part, then I go and eat this.
I am not even a big fan of ice-cream...pastries yes.
Mind you I did get a kiddie cone size, and I did really enjoy it ;)

Kristy went with some friends to the cascades after school.
But she forgot to use sunscreen.
She is very upset and nervous as she is getting her tattoo on Thursday and they won't do it if she  has a sunburn or her skin is peeling from one.
So we have been plastering vitamin E on her and hoping for the best.

Onto My Day:
I had so many things on my ToDo list today, but I ended up talking with Heather for most of the afternoon and then with Ashley on her lunch.
And sat on the computer the rest of the day. I'm pathetic, lol.
I did get my walk in though :)

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your ice cream looks good. >.< Hope Kristy's skin heals up quick.

  2. Aloe works real good for sunburn. I should know-I was a rea head many moons ago and had many a sunburn. Before the days of sunscreen.

  3. I love DQ! Makes me want one now, and your walk balanced it out ;)

    Hope your girl heels ok so she can get her tattoo!

  4. we all have days like this, and time spent talking with your kids is never wasted!!

  5. Oh ouch ouch! - Hope it heals quickly! And the ice cream looks delicious:-)

  6. That ice cream looks delicious! I want one :D

    ...and ouch! I really hope her back heals soon :s

  7. Ouch! Hope it heals fast! I love icecream- mmmm, chocolate dipped! We had Chinese last night with ginger- fried beef and honey-garlic pork (both deep fried, lol! ) so good!

  8. That cone looks yummy! And you DID get the kiddie... Lol Poor Kristy! That looks really painful! We were at the water park all day yesterday and for the first time I think I remembered to put sunscreen on myself and didn't get burned! I always remember the kids, but forget myself ;)

  9. Just a little ice cream is okay sometimes :) I won't even tell you what kind of craziness I got into Friday with food. Ice cream made an appearance did pizza and cheese fries...And I was doing so good!

    Poor Kristy with the sunburn. I always get burnt, even with sunscreen on. Its so painful! I hope it goes away so she can get her tattoo!


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