Monday, February 17, 2014

Grey Raskog Cart Organized

Here is one of my Ikea carts all organized and suited to my needs.
This grey Raskog cart stays upstairs as I create a lot while watching televisions with Wayne in the evenings.
I like these carts as they can hold a lot and they have nice sturdy wheels, so when company comes over, I can wheel it in the bedroom out of the way :)

So let me explain more on what I am using this for.
This one is dedicated to my P365, Smash book, journals and my Day Planner.

The top of the cart holds my travel tote.
This travel tote hold all the necessities for these books and for everyday crafting.
To see what is in this tote, check out this post ***Travel Tote***
I like that it sits so nicely in here. I can get everything out with leaving it in the cart, but yet easy to take out when I am on the go.

The middle tray holds my photo trimmer, a few stamps and stickers that go with my books.
I have decorative envelopes in here and some avery labels so I can make my own custom stickers.
My new mini banner punches and some post it notes.

The bottom tray holds my composition books that I enjoy altering and using as various journals and a new Smash book.
It also holds my label maker in that box with the butterfly on it.
My Stampin' Up markers are in that pink bag and my red tape gun.
I also put in a couple of 6x6 paper pads.

I was really trying to incorporate my tag and journal tray in here, but I just couldn't figure out how.
Not a big deal though, I will just bring it upstairs when I need it.
If you want to see what is in the **Journal Tray** click on the name.

You don't think I forgot about my washi tape, now did you ;)
My washi tape drawer is to big to fit in here.
So I grabbed an extra hanging shelf thingy, added some washi to it, that I have picked out for my month Planner pages and and hung it to the tray edge.

I am still brainstorming on how I am going to use my turquoise cart to its full potential :)

Hope you all had a very creative Monday :)
Today was Family Day here in Canada. All stores were closed and we enjoyed a nice relaxing day at home.
Ashley even came by… do laundry ;)

Tracy :)


  1. great job tracy
    I like the washie hanger ...
    You are just too cute ...

  2. It's the grey one like mine! It looks much better. You know Ikea has inserts for the trays. I have those in mine. The tags fit well since I have a take drawer in my Helmers drawer. Great idea hanging the basket! Love it.

  3. Your cart is looking good! I wish my room looked like your cart!

  4. Oh Tracy now I need to go to Ikea lol.
    Your cart looks great. :)

  5. So organized, it looks nice and easy to use..I must check out the two links you posted to refresh my memory.

  6. Have I told you that organizing is my FAVORITE thing? lol Love what you've done with your cart...especially the washi tape addition! I might have to pick up one of those carts after all...just to organize it! ;o)

  7. love this cart! love how you have everything so organized!!~

  8. It looks great, Tracy, and love how you hung the washi! We were at Ikea yesterday and I had to steer clear of these carts. If I bought one, I'd just have to fill it up with new goodies. :)

  9. Looks fantastic, Tracy. So many supplies right at hand. I like how you incorporated the Washi in a side car.

  10. This is fabulous! Love that you have everything to hand and so organised! Love the hanging basket for your washi tape! TFS

  11. I love the way you organized cart #1!!! It's perfect for all your projects you with on at night :) I think I need one for our family room ;)

  12. What great use you have made of your cart! This is the first time that I have seen it in grey...every other time that I have seen it, it has been in the turquoise color.

  13. These carts are very cool. I wish that I had room for even one. Love that it's got everything you need right there. That washi tape insert is brilliant! :)

  14. Wow Tracy...this is awesome, I would love to have a cart like that! I'm always trying to figure out how to organize and never quite get any system down that I like or is user friendly...this looks like it works beautifully!!

  15. Ooooh, that looks nice! I keep debating whether or not I should get one!

  16. Love how nice and organized your cart looks! btw the hanging system for your washi tape is really cute! :)

  17. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  18. I must have this! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hey Tracy, I'm so excited I am moving back to the Northwest, one of the reasons is I will be just an hour away from Ikea!! I really want this cart, I've been eyeing them online as I don't currently live by an Ikea. You are super organized! :)

  20. You did a great job of organizing this Raskog cart. Well done!

  21. Tracy, you are making me want to go get a couple of these carts lol you organized it beautifully! Especially the hanging basket of washi :) now if I had that cart, it would likely have a lot of "growth" sprouting all around the sides of the cart for those " I might need those" supplies lol LOVE it! Looking forward to seeing your turquoise cart ( no pressure, ok ;))

  22. I LOVE this cart Tracy! I can see a couple of them being so handy ;) I love the organization and the travel tote fits so perfectly!

  23. The cart looks great! I love how organized it is, and how you can easily bring it with you to craft wherever you want!

    Also - love the idea of "Family Day". How nice to get a whole day to spend at home with family relaxing...and doing laundry ;)


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