Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pure Innocence and a funny story

Last night, Debbie and I finished these cards that we started last August at our "Girls Getaway".
Can you believe we didn't finish them sooner?!
Actually my image was coloured, paper pieced and my card was more or less put all together.
But I just needed to paper piece her balloon.

When I took another look at it this morning, I thought it was missing something.
So I added some line work to the papers.
I just used my .03 multi liner and drew the black lines around all the papers and flags or fishtails.
I think it added just the perfect touch ;)

I remember adhering her dress late at night….way back in August. I don't think I had my cheater glasses on, and now I can see I didn't quite get her dress on perfectly.
Oops ;)

Here is the inside of my card.

Today Wayne and I had an appointment.
It was cancelled yesterday as the guy couldn't get into town.
So today was the day…but we had to miss the Olympic hockey game. Congrats Finland :)

I hope you all had a very creative Saturday.
I did.
I put a card together from the image I coloured last night.
Not to happy with how the card turned out…but still have a few touches to add to it.

Funny Story:
I was so tired this evening so went for a nap at around 6:30pm.
When I woke up I was confused as to why Wayne wasn't beside me as I thought it was morning.
That was until I heart Heather laughing at a show that was on.
I got up and told Wayne, wow I really needed that nap.
He looked at me oddly and said "You were only gone for 10 minutes"
That is what I call a power nap, lol.

Off to bed early tonight as Wayne and I are getting up early to watch the Canadian/Sweden hockey game.
Good luck to Canada :)
7:00am comes early for me.

Tracy :)


  1. You are so funny. 7am getting up early!! You are so silly. If I stay in bed until 7 that would be sleeping in. I was awake and up at 4:30 this morning. Very adorable card. Glad you finished it up. I think the black lines are just right! I will be rooting for the Canadians, too

  2. I think your "lining" definitely pulled it together. Gorgeous cards!

  3. Cute card, love the image and the black lines just set it. Enjoy your hockey game

  4. Very cute card, the lines on the "tails" look great and I wouldn't have noticed the paper piecing on the dress if you hadn't pointed it out. Here I am up at 6 to watch the hockey game too. We also missed the U.S./Finland game I understand the U.S. wasn't a good loser. I made three cards on Saturday and early this morning my mind was designing one and then I couldn't sleep. 10 min power naps are good. LOL.

  5. Cute card! I think the lines made it pop

  6. Love the card and adding the black liner, definitely made that finishing touch! LOL on the power nap - I do that sometimes and it can be quite confusing when you wake up out of it !

  7. Super cute card

    your nap is funny
    I rarely take naps because I can not nap for a few minutes i am out for 1.5 to 2 hours!

  8. I think the line work looks great, the perfect touch :) I cant believe you were only asleep for ten minutes!!

  9. That is definitely one powerful nap! Too cute of a card and love how you've used the multiliner.


  10. Adorable! What a precious image. Love the mauvey pink color you used. :)

  11. Sweet card...I used to use the cheater glasses too but now have advanced to multifocals...$1400. later, I take my glasses off now to do fine work!

  12. Love the card, it is adorable! And Tracy, you are too funny! I take power naps every now and then, lol. :)

  13. It's a cute card, and what little girl keeps her dress just perfect. And yes I can believe it has been in process since last August, I'm just now finishing some class pages from last July. Aren't we scrappers a mess?


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