Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly planner pages

Thought I would share my week on 2 pages from this past week.
Because of it being Valentines Day this week, I enjoyed adding lots of hearts with pinks and reds :)

Last year I used my planner as sort of a diary..but in short form.
But I seem to document mine and my families lives in many forms.
My blog, my planner, Project 365.
Do I really need to document it in 3+ places?
No, I don't think so.

So my planner will be used for my "ToDo's" and appointments.
Many of the days will be the same…but I noticed I seem to enjoy decorating it more than using it, lol.

I completed organizing one of my Ikea carts today.
I even took photos….but I forgot to upload them to my laptop and the Walking Dead starts soon, so we will have to wait for another day for that ;)

It was a bit nicer here today -12c.
Wayne thought it was nice enough to do some errands in his shorts and a t-shirt…crazy Canuck, lol.

To those of you that haven't commented on my giveaway, please go and check it out :)
**4 Years Blogaversary :) **

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love those little owls! Bring on the cart photos!

  2. The owls and the wash look great.
    I finally started on mine. Added some washi, was happy with that and then I used Sharpie pens to write with. The coloured ink shows through my page.
    What do you write with and do you use special paper!
    Do you download your paper from designs on the net?

  3. I think you are being an over achiever documenting your every day life. Pretty pink pages!!!!!

  4. The washi and the owls are so cute! And yay for relax days :) I'm looking forward to your ikea cart post. I saw somebody review the fake ikea cart from Michaels so I'm curious to see the comparison.

  5. Love the owls looking forward to seeing your photos of your carts

  6. Nice pages, the owls are really cute,. I need to perk mine up and maybe i would use it. Procrastination is my middle name, that is why I crafted two cards yesterday Looking forward to seeing the updated cart pictures.

  7. Pretty planner pages, can't wait for cart pictures. Let Wayne enjoy his bit of sun lol :)

  8. Cute pages and can't wait to see how your organizing went! :)

  9. your planner pages are soooo awesoem
    love the little owl

  10. I loved decorating this week too! Something about hearts :) I have become so dependent on my planner, for lists, to DOS, appointments, I would be lost without it! I even keep track of financial stuff in it too.

  11. I love these
    Just cant seam to get myself that organized .....

  12. Hahaha, that is so funny about Wayne wearing shorts and a tshirt. People think I break mine out too early here - but never when its that cold!

    Can't wait to see what you've done with the cart :)

    And I love your planner pages! Valentine's day stickers and colors and decorations are all so much fun!

  13. Your planner pages are so nice...the washi tape and owls make it look very organized and cute! :)

  14. Love the pages and you are so so organised. Shorts and a t-shirt LOL! :-)

  15. I have tried so hard to keep up with my smash journal and other journals in the past, but never seem to last a month! Yours is so pretty :)


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