Thursday, May 29, 2014

ATC's from Jeremy

I was in a couple of ATC swaps and was so excited to receive a set from Jeremy in the mail :)
I had never swapped them before, so it was so nice that Jeremy (Jeremoose80 on YouTube) offered to do a swap with me.
He gave me a long list of themes and asked me to pick three of them.

I picked
Steampunk, Fairytale and one of our choice.
Here are Jeremy's take on the 3 themes :)

I love anything Steampunk…well except for the mechanical legs, but most everything else. So of course I really like the steampunk ATC.
The Fairytale is Rapunzel, which turned out so cool. He said he got his inspiration from Tangled, such a sweet movie.
I love his take on the "one of his choice." How cool to come up with a  Nerd theme ;)
Thank you so much Jeremy for making these wonderful ATC's for me and taking a chance on this ATC newbie ;)

Here is a video I did with a better look at Jeremy's ATC's when I received them :)
If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click my link :)
"Tracy's Treasures24"

I will share with you the ATC's that I had made for Jeremy once he receives them :)

I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cool ATC's. Will be great to see yours too!

  2. Oh those are neat. (And finally a post without food in it - some of us are dieting, you know!) LOL

  3. Very cool that he reached out to swap with you, Tracy!

  4. Those are awesome!! Love the swapping idea too :)

  5. oh how fun and these are awesome
    fun swap

  6. These are fabulous - can't wait to see yours too:-) have a great weekend.

  7. This is so cool! Love that you guys did a swap!

  8. You got a great swap. You know I love guy stuff. Lucky!

  9. Nice swap! :) Btw, I nominated you for the Sunflower can check it out here if interested:

  10. Awesome ATCs, love they are double sided.


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