Monday, May 19, 2014

Creative Long Weekend has come to an end.

The long creative weekend has come to an end.
Lots of creating, fun, laughs and junk food was to be had.
Now it is back to reality and getting back on track with real life and a healthier lifestyle.

Here is an ATC I had made during the weekend.
I think this is my favourite one so far.
I LOVE it!!!
I used Tim Holtz stamps for the sentiment and image.
i used some mist sprays for the background and coloured the heart and banner with my Copics.

I guess Wayne forgot to water my flowers :(
I can't complain too much as he cleaned all the garbage we had collected in the yard from last weekend, he washed the carpets and they look like new, he also tidied up the house. And to make him sound like a perfect man, he is making me some calamari for supper with his homemade dipping sauce ;) so, nope, you won't hear me complaining ;)

I thought I would give my flowers a good soaking of water before I gave up hope.
But was surprised mine had lasted as long as they had.
Ashley and Sharon had both thrown their flowers out last week, or the week before already.
They look a bit sad here don't they.

But after a soaking of water and a bit of time for them to absorb it, they are all perky and healthy :)
This makes me so happy.
Love this bright happy colour :)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Too bad the nice weekend had to come to an end :( Oh well, only four more days until Saturday, he he.
    Love your flowers, such a bright vibrant color :)

  2. Cute ATC, Tracy and I'm sure you had a fab long, crafty weekend! :)

  3. Stunning card. I adore the stamps and the spritz background is so colourful. Wow your flowers perked right up. Great pink!

  4. Love your ATC, so pretty!
    And yay for your flowers coming back!
    The flowers Mike gave me for mother's day are still doing pretty well. I am so glad because they are so pretty and make me happy :)

  5. Sounds like you had a terrific weekend. How did you manage to get Wayne to clean your carpets? Great ATC. What a perk up for your flowers Very pretty.

  6. Glad you had a great time. It is fun to have a fun weekend with family and eat some good food. And the flowers still looking great. :)

  7. whatsounds like an awesome weekend
    love those flowers- that is my new fave color right now

  8. Beautiful card. Great time away and you came home to a clean house? Fantastic!

  9. Beautiful ATC. I wouldn't throw out that flower, plant it in your garden.

  10. I'm so glad that your flowers perked up! I had to do the same with my basil yesterday. I didn't water them enough last week (things were just so crazy!) and they were looking sad :(

    I love the ATC you made. It is gorgeous!

  11. Your ATC is so awesome!! Wayne was a sweetheart to take care of the house, but they do always forget about the flowers, don't they? Glad you were able to revive them!

  12. Love your ATC - wonderful colour. Flowers are so resilient aren't they. And great hubby! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  13. Awesome ATC, love it, Wayne is a keeper and the flowers survived. we were at the cottage and I had very limited internet (dialup is a bitch) so glad to be home and commenting on my fav. blogs.

  14. He's a keeper! And so are the flowers...

  15. Mm, I love calamari! No one else dies though.😔

  16. Not only are you creative, you've got magical plant powers as well.


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