Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Cover a Pool Table

How to cover your Husband's pool table for a 13 hour crop.
First, wait a few years so your husband can absorb your idea and get on board.
Well maybe not 100% on board, but enough that a divorce won't occur ;)

Next make a plan.
I wanted my wood or in this case MDF, to totally cover the entire table, sides and all.
I didn't want an insert as I wanted the whole table protected.
I also need the MDF to be removable for when we do play pool.
If you are familiar with MDF, then you know how heavy it is.
So I needed mine in pieces to be able to be removed when needed.

I do have to say the guys at Home Depot were not only surprised by how well thought out my plans were, but also that my husband knew I was doing this, lol.

I then covered the sides (bumpers) with foam padding, so the pool table cover wouldn't slip around.
I wanted to keep the pool table cover on for even more protection for the felt.

I then added some more foam padding around the edges.
It gives it more cushion and stops the MDF from sliding.
I even added a bit more padding to the pockets as they are a bit higher due to the pocket trays.

Here is Kristy treating the MDF board.
MDF is great to work with, but if you get it wet…it swells and does not look pretty.
So we sealed it for better protection.
Can you tell my husband is also a hunter as well as enjoys playing pool ;)

Next thing to do is paint.
I had lots of paint left over from painting Heather's room years ago. So that is how I chose my colour ;)

More painting.
We did two coats of paint. We also did the edges.

Then I added some support for the MDF.
This stuff is really heavy and I knew it would bow without support.

I kept these really heavy duty dense pressed board corners from something we had purchased, because I knew one day they would come in handy…see it is good to be a hoarder sometimes ;)
They were a bit low, so I added these foam sponges for a bit of lift and also to protect the felt.
I didn't want anything to mark up the felt…getting your pool table re-felted is quite pricey I hear.
We have never had to do this, and I bought this pool table for Wayne's birthday about 19 years ago.

Lastly put the rest of the pieces on and butt them up together.
I had to have a centre joint on the middle piece as I didn't feel like purchasing a whole new piece for 3" of MDF.
I got Home Depot (love these guys) to cut me another piece for joining the centre. The joint is underneath so you can't see it. But in the photo above you can see where I added the join and how I propped it up so it has more support.

And that my friends is how you cover a pool table, but still have access to playing the game. Can you tell, I have been thinking and planning this out for a long time ;)

For my crop I have added plastic table cloths for even added protection.
I also took down the hunting stuff, but I will share that on another post ;)
I think we can fit 8 of us comfortably at this table, but I may have 10 of us crafting here tomorrow, but I have it all worked out ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)
I was really creative getting ready for the crop I am hosting tomorrow.
I am so excited I hope I can sleep, or I may need to take a nap during it, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. Really nice job! Have fun on your 13 hour crop! Can't wait to see picture's.

  2. Well done! A perfect craft table for a crop!

  3. Do the chairs sit tall enough?

    1. Yes Mel. The pool table is about the same height as our dining room table. I am short and it works perfect to scrap on :)

  4. Well you have been busy. You did a great job, can't wait to see more :)

  5. Fabulous job!! you are sure a handy person to have around. Did the home depot guys offer you a job? Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your crop. Have fun.

  6. Great job, Tracy, am sure all you ladies will have a fab time crafting on it!

  7. OK one word WOW and maybe another couple - whoo whoo! Have a fab time!

  8. You could have been an architect or an engineer, did ya know that, You did such a great job and the pool table is uber protected from damage. I'm sure it could double as a dance floor. I must confess, when I saw the finished product and that immense flat surface, just waiting to be covered with crafty goodness, I kinda swooned!

  9. Well done! Lol, I would have left it unpainted and covered it- you did both!

  10. " First, wait a few years so your husband can absorb your idea and get on board.
    Well maybe not 100% on board, but enough that a divorce won't occur ;)"
    LOL! I should get right on that sooner rather than later then! Tee hee!

    You did a really great job.

  11. OH MY GOSH! This is AWESOME! You did an amazing job. So thought out and well prepared!!!


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