Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last pages for January in my Project 365.

Here are my last pages for January in my Project 365 album.
Funny thing is..it is also the last pages I have done in this album…a bit behind I would say, lol.

As you know I am documenting the little things in my family's life.
I take a photo every day, I just need to actually put them in the book ;)
Me and my family enjoy looking through my past books and relive our ordinary days as well as the exciting ones :)

Having 4 women (well 3 now that Ashley has her own place) living in this house, having plenty of TP is a comforting feeling, teehee.
A mishap with our leaking water heater.
A few cute photos of Ashley's kitty Sebastian.

A few creative projects for the month.
Wayne finally having his Black and Tan as he missed it on New Years as we were both too ill to have our yearly party.
Getting the dining table ready to be taken apart as we were getting our new one :)

Because I want to keep my pages flat, I added plenty of washi tape, stamps and only one brad.
Hoping to do February soon ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You'll be glad to have Jan. all caught up. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Nce to have the month all caught up!

  3. I don't know how you do it!! I can't even get a picture taken each day much less document anything. Those pages look great!!

  4. Well done for finishing Jan's Looking forward to seeing Feb's keep up the good work :)

  5. Cute pages, Tracy, love all the mint color!

  6. Awesome job, I love the pictures of Sebastian. I know I would forget to take a picture but what a great idea to be able to look back on your year.

  7. These are awesome! I love that you take a picture every single day. Albums like this are so great to look back on. Just this week, AJ told me he couldn't remember what our apartment in Chicago looked like exactly. So I told him to go get the Project Life and look it up!

  8. Don't you love doing this?? It's my favorite way to scrapbook!

  9. Awesome Job Tracy -
    Seems funny tp have seen these picture and know the story behind them as you add them to your blog!!

    Now February!

  10. Fabulous pages, once again. You are always on the go! TFS

  11. I so want to get going on PL. I just can't seem to get myself organized. Your book looks great!!!


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