Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.
But then again I love Christmas, Easter, Spring, Fall…okay lets face it I love all the celebrations that give me an excuse to decorate and spend time with my family :)
This is the "Trick or Treat" banner my daughter Ashley had made for her mantel.
I love that her cat Sebastien got in on the photo :)

Wayne was so happy to be able to carve pumpkins this year.
I found them last minute and picked up 3.
One for Heather, Kristy and Wayne.
The girls bailed on us last night, so Wayne and I ended up doing them ourselves…I guess something we may have to get used to.
Wayne carved the Grime Reaper and I did the spider and (you guessed it) the zombie hand coming out from the grave ;)

Heather and I decorated the front yard today.
Every year we add a little something to our display.
This year it was the ghosts that Ashley and I made and the "Warning-Keep Away- Just buried alive" tape around the front yard.
As we were decorating, a car pulled up and they were just watching us.
The lady finally explained that she takes some senior citizens around town looking at outdoor Halloween displays. The seniors don't get to see the little ones dressed up any more, so they like to see how everyone is decorating their yards.
She told me it made the (senior lady who was with her) so happy to see us decorating as no one else in my neighbourhood had, except for pumpkins.
I was happy that I could make someone smile today :)

These foam headstones have been with us for awhile.
I stick them in the ground with old pencil crayons…every year they break….I wonder how many are stuck in the lawn, lol.
I told Heather, next year I need to attach this onto some wood with a steak I can then hammer in the ground.
The hands are new as well. I picked them up for cheap after Halloween last year.

Here are my ghosts :)
I hung them on a shepherds hooks so that they could sway in the wind.

This is at Ashley's house.
She picked up some really freaky masks last year and a full sized skeleton.
So she dressed the skeleton in some of Tyler's old clothes and propped it outside on a kitchen chair.
I think I need one of these for my outdoor display for next year ;)

I am hosting a 6 hour scrapbooking crop in my home tomorrow.
As I was pulling out all of my Halloween decorations, I just put them on my table.
I have had this black plain wreath in my stash for a long, long time. So I grabbed some odds and ends that were on my table and wrapped them in the wreath.
This took my no more than 3 minutes to put together ;)

As I had mentioned above I love to decorate my whole house.
Yes this includes the bathroom, lol.
I found this stick-on decor at the dollar store and just had to get it.
Funny story:
The lid was up when Kristy went in the bathroom.
She put the lid down (as our kitty Luna likes to play in the water…gross).
We heard Kristy scream…I guess it surprised her.
I have to say, we were all busting a gut laughing.

I hope you all had a great Halloween and a Creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. See Tracy?!? Your outside stuff is totally tame compared to what is across from the elementary school that I pass! And I guess I came off as a little (or a lot) more upset about it than I actually am. I mean, I LOVE people! They're just...y'know...they're...lovable in their awfulness. :-) It's hard to believe your girl has her own mantle. Sniff sniff! :-)

  2. Love all the decorations! The skeleton ghosts are awesome and that toilet is creepy! What a nice story about the seniors. Sad that will be us one day! Great haunt you put on. Shame to the neighbors! Booooo!

  3. That is too funny about the toilet and Kristy!!! The picture at Ashley's with Sebastian is awesome!! He is the perfect Halloween cat!!

  4. Wow, those are fantastic pumpkins! Love the kitty in the photo. He is the perfect touch!

  5. Heyy!! The ghosts look awesome!! Our kids weren't around either, hubby and I went for dinner and drinks :)

  6. Everything is awesome, love the pic of Sebastian he's a real halloween cat like mine, who was very good on Halloween only stalked one pair that came to the door. Love your ghosts.

  7. WOW - love the pumpkins and that toilet seat is awesome LOL!


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