Friday, October 3, 2014

Home for a Marathon…a Walking Dead marathon ;)

We made it home safe and sound.
It rained almost the whole 7.5 hour drive home…not my favourite weather to drive in, but we still made good time (with a few pit stops) and the traffic was good.

Wayne and I planned on having a marathon of the Walking Dead from Season 1, when I got home from our trip.
Well he wasn't even home when I got here, he worked until 7:00pm.
That may have been a good thing as I took a long nap before then ;)
Here is my attire in honour of The Walking Dead marathon tonight…this and some comfy jammy pants ;)

Now onto some shopping :)
I didn't do to much damage, but then again my damage was done last week ;)
I met up with one of my scrapping friends who moved to Winnipeg this year.
Barb and I met for lunch at the mall and then walked over to Scrapbooker Cottage :)

Like I said, I didn't do too much damage ;)

Before the concert Kristy and I checked out another scrapbooking store called Scrapbookers Anonymous.
Can you tell I love anything to do with cameras ;)
I also bought a set of the mini distress inks.
When I had first heard of these, I thought "why would I get these as I have the regular sized ones".
Which honestly I still feel that way.
But, I use vintage photo, and walnut stain a lot and these might be good to take to a crop.

Also at this store I noticed these tiny signs (which are actually little frames).
I told the sales lady that I need to remember this myself. So she put one in my bag :)
Love this and need to keep it displayed in my craft room.

Kristy and I loved this lunch box.
I know if my girls were still in school, they would have loved to take their lunch to school in this…no matter what their age ;)

I am off to enjoy my marathon :)
And this one doesn't take any physical energy, teehee.

Hope you all had a very Creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. while you watch your marathon, I did a belly dancing class what a hoot, laughed the whole hour at ourselves. You did good keeping your shopping to a minimum. Crappy about the rain, it rained here all day and we decided to not venture to the cottage.

  2. Seems like it's been so long since WD was on, may need to do a marathon here as well! :)

  3. Hope you're enjoying your marathon! Glad you two made it home safe :)

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you had a good trip and enjoy your marathon!

  5. Sounds fun, except for the show. I have a major zombie phobia so none of those for me. LOL

  6. Hope you enjoyed your Walking Dead marathon! I must get round to watching an episode or two, to see if I enjoy it :-)


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