Monday, October 20, 2014

Quick Gift Bags for my Crop & Create Friends

As most of you know I like to give a little something to my friends when we go to a crop.
Here is what I made this year with some sugary treats inside to keep them alert during this late night crop ;)

I was short on time for this one, so I had to come up with something quick.
I picked up these treat bags from the dollar store in the wedding section.
Very easy to put together….just fold on the creases and fold the bottom to secure it.

Add some washi tape to pretty it up and add some goodies inside.
Easy Peasy.

But then I got to thinking (as I was just about to fall asleep) I should use these speech bubble chipboard pieces to add their names to them.
So I jumped out of bed and went to work stamping the letters on the speech bubble pieces and adhering them to the containers.
And for an added bonus, using these chipboard pieces is a challenge I put on for my crafty friends :)

Here are all the treat bags lined up for their photo shoot :)

Oh what do we have here, a video on the finished treat bags.
I may sound a bit tired in this one ;)
If you would rather watch this video on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I have been having issues with my one tooth, so had a visit with the dentist today.
I LOVE the way they decorated their reception area :)

Luckily my dentist isn't the one described on this sign.
But I have to say, I wasn't excited to be there and to find out that I need a root canal, sadly, a root canal isn't new to me :(
Today I had to get my tooth drilled open to let the rest of the infection drain (so gross) and my appointment isn't until November….so I will be having a gapping hole in my tooth until then.
But onto cooler things….this display is Awesome!!!!

I hope you all had a Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. such cute bags- love them
    and talk about getting into the halloween spirit
    love it

  2. Fun treat bags, Tracy, and hope your appointment is sooner than later in November!

  3. Yuk to having the root canal!! Love the reception - fabulous! TFS - hope you don't suffer to badly!

  4. Nice job on the treat bags! Not so nice about your tooth!

  5. Hey was nice meeting you at the Crop...cute treat bags! Lee-Ann :)

  6. These are so fun and sound super easy. Loving the pink tissue paper! :)

  7. Super cute bags, I must remember to look when I'm out shopping. Awesome decorating in the office but sorry to hear of your having to wait so long for root canal. I did some shopping Sunday 24 pastel spectrum noir for $30 woo hoo. Love checking Winners out for crafty stuff.

  8. Ew, sorry about that tooth friend, sounds nasty, and painful!! Love how they decorated their office though!! Your gift bags look awesome! Love how they turned out :)


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