Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Fall Display

Happy Fall :)

My daughter Kristy and I finally did our fall display.
Kristy came up with this idea.
She showed me the sign she wanted to make, so I made the background or plaque, with scrap wood I had in my work shed.
We used my Cricut to cut out the letters to use as a template and Kristy painted the letters on.
We also used some of the mini lights that my oldest daughter, Ashley, had from her wedding last year.
I just love how it turned out.

You know when you are just about to fall asleep and make your todo list for the next day, but am to tired to get up and get a note pad to write it down?!?
Take my advice...get up and write it down.

Here is why....
I keep a blanket and also a shower curtain in my jeep
The blanket makes sense, but the shower curtain you may have questions about.
I use my jeep as most use their trucks...I haul lots of different materials in it.
Wood, soil, groceries, pregnant ladies ;)
So the night before I left to pick up the hay bales, I reminded myself to put the shower curtain in the jeep as I took it out when we went for our girls trip.
I also wanted to take a knife or sharp scissors to cut some bull rushes on the drive to pick up the hay.
Guess what I forgot....both, lol.
And here is the results of forgetting the shower curtain, lol

So we had a hay bale sitting in our front yard, so I picked up another one.
So then we had 2 hay bales sitting in our front yard, lol.
I was able to throw together the sign quickly, but Kristy wanted to paint it herself and work interfered with that.

So instead of just having a couple of hay bales sitting in our front yard, I put the flowers on it.
Then on grocery day, I grabbed a couple of pumpkins for our display.
I told Kristy our neighbours were probably wondering what was happening in our yard, as every day our display changed, teehee.

And the final result....unless we add to it again, teehee.

I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather and getting as much out of it until the cold winter sets in.
We closed up the cottage today, it seems like we had just opened up for the season.
Time really does go by so fast as I am working on New Years goals.

Tracy :)


  1. The display is fabulous. You both did a great job.

  2. Beautiful yard display!! If I don't write something down I do forget it. If I think of something I need to write down , by the time I go get the notepad sometimes I forget what it was I needed. You know what I call that? Having a senior moment. LOL!!

  3. liebe tracy, nun bin ich von meiner blogpause zurück....deine herbstliche gartendeko ist ja ein traum.....ganz, ganz herrlich anzuschauen...
    viele liebe grüsse

    1. Ruth's comment via google translate: love tracy, now I'm on my blog break back .... your Autumnal garden is indeed a dream ..... very, very wonderful to look ...
      many greetings love
      ruth..chen ;-))"

  4. Nice display - I put out scare crows, quick & easy & just as easy to put away. (col).

  5. This is so wonderful! Love it.

  6. Your fall display looks fabulous! Those hay bales do make such a mess to clean up!

  7. Your display is beautiful! I love the lights that sparkle at night.


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