Saturday, January 7, 2017

Working on my December Daily

Is anyone else working on their December Daily?
I bought this 25 days of Christmas kit from the Crop & Create a few years ago.
I made this book May of 2015 to use for last December.
But if you remember, I lost all of my photos from December of 2015, so decided to save it for this year.
Guess what....I forgot all about it until last night, lol.
So I decided to work on it, all I have to do is print out the photos and add them to the already completed pages.

I have a Selphy printer...actually I have 2 of them.
My husband purchased the newer one (it is a wifi) and this is the first time I had used it, shhhhh.
I was pretty excited that I didn't have to put my photos on a jump drive to transfer them to the printer to print them out!!
But then my problem was how to print a 2 UP or a collage like this one.
I have a couple of apps on my phone that I use for other projects, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work how I wanted.
Finally realizing I had to play with the ratio, I am happy to say that it works!!!
Then I kept getting a watermark this the apps logo "PhotoGrid" on the bottom right corner.
After printing a few pictures and hiding the logo with embellishments, I found a button on the app to get rid of the watermark, lol.
It was a process, but I think I have finally figured it all out and am ready to complete this project.

There are so many photos of my grandson Sawyer, I should re-name it Sawyers December Daily, lol.

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks great! I have read that the Selphy is a great printer...

  2. Looks beautiful. I have to print photos for my 2015 album. Did photos for 2016 but have to make album as well. Got my work cut out for me! Lol.

  3. So nice - this is one thing I havn't gotten into yet !! lol - Maybe this December!
    Love pictures of Sawyer!

  4. I am sure it will be his album in the future! No Dec daily for me this year! First time in forever!

  5. What a nice find in your stash & it sounds like you have mastered the new technology (remember to repeat "technology is my friend" X10). My DD this year was really simple with just a photo a day with only 2 spreads to cover the month. Not sure I how I feel about it yet.

  6. My husband got me a Canon Selphy printer for Christmas and I couldn't figure out how to make a collage print like that. I need to find an app I guess. But I do love the printer!


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