Friday, March 27, 2020

Crop & Create Solo Day 1

Yesterday I was suppose to be travelling to Winnipeg for a 3 Day scrapbooking crop/event with my friends Sharon, Lesli, Lynne and Donna.
Sadly the event had to be cancelled because of this Covid 19 Virus.
Today was to be the first day of the crop.

I wasn't going to let the Virus ruin all of my ruin my fun, so I decided to have my own Crop & Create Solo crop.
I am going to follow the events schedule, do some layouts and FaceTime my friends!

Here I am at the photo booth!!

With no socializing or shopping, I got more done then usual, lol.
Notice the change to a more comfy attire, teehee.

4 Layouts completed (except photos)...go me!!!

And for the dessert buffet, I enjoyed a chocolate fudge mini egg cake with some french vanilla daughter's left over Birthday Cake 😉

And what is a crop with out friends?!?!
I chatted with Sharon, until her husband burned her dinner 😂.

I chatted with Debbie more than once.

Also Lynne and I crafted a bit together while chatting.
It sure isn't the same as being with these amazing ladies....but I sure enjoy seeing them even if it is through a screen.

I completed this kit and even made a few cards with the left overs.
I love when I kill a kit!!

That was Day 1 of my Crop and Create Solo Event.
Tomorrow is an early start.....but we will see how that goes, lol.

I hope you are all safe and making the most out of your days at home.
Tracy 💕💕


  1. What a great idea! Sorry you couldn't attend the actual event but how clever to create your own at home! I love that you were able to chat with your friends via the internet! Looks like you were having a blast and you got some awesome projects completed! Yay You! - Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Sounds like Day 1 was successful. so many things were cancelled but it's great to have video chats and telephones to keep in touch. Great layouts too.

  3. (I saw your comment on Susanne's blog & popped over.) I absolutely love this idea. A friend and I are signed up for Scrapbook Expo in three weeks, but it will be cancelled/postponed as well. I think I'll plan an itinerary for us. Thanks for the idea.

    I "attended" a virtual crop this past Saturday in a friend's Zoom Room & made a few new friends as well.


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