Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Week in Review

Last Saturday I put on a mini crop in my home.
My friend Lesli thought I needed this sign, teehee
How could I argue ;)

I completed a layout, coloured this image and made the card and started another layout.
Pretty good for me ;)

Sunday was Mother's Day.
I spent it the same way I always do, with my daughters outside, enjoying the weather and and doing some yard work.

The girls also went out and picked up some ice-cream ;)
Caramel Cone Explosion for me...but I shared mine with Wayne.

Monday my Copics and I had a play date at Lesli's.
Even though I brought my markers, I used Lesli's new Spectrum Noir.
Love the bullet tips on them.

Not sure if the delivery guy was trying to hide the package, keep it protected, or was just being funny.
But thought this was amusing trying to hide the package under our garbage lid, lol.
Funny thing was, we were home and the delivery guy didn't even knock or ring the bell.

Wednesday my friend Lynne invited me to her house to scrapbook.
I made a card :)
Lynne had her desk to work on, I had the table....but in true Lynne form, she took over my space as well, lol.
I had a pop...but didn't get to drink it all as I spilled it.
I got a bit on one of Lynne's layouts...but that wouldn't have happened if she would have stuck to her area, lol (luckily it was vintage colours so you couldn't tell).
But a few drops got in my phone somehow and it is now in iphone heaven.
Thankfully Ashley gave me her old one (which is newer than mine) and I was able to get a new sim card. They even upgraded the card..and it was free!!

I had Friday Night Scrapbooking...which may be the last one of the season.
Saturday Wayne and I headed to the cottage.
It was snowing and so very cold...yes that is snow on the ground.

I spent the first few hours keeping the home fires burning....and keeping warm in front of it.
Took a while to warm up the cottage.
It was too cold to turn on the water yet (don't want the pipes to freeze).
Wayne's dad has the cottage next door to ours, and he has his water pipes further underground than we Wayne got some water from him and I was able to use the toilet :)
You don't realize the joy in that, lol.

Even though it was really cold and snowing, we still had to take the machines out.
I had on double and triple was a chilly ride, but felt so good to be riding again!
I even had 2 layers of gloves on, lol.

I can't forget to include a photo of my riding partner!
Here is Wayne...always behind me;)

Woke up to hail on the deck this morning.
We were going to have a power outage in the afternoon.
With no water and no power.....we decided to just go home.

I also did a bit of craft room organizing...but we will leave that to another day.

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

TRacy :)


  1. It looks like you had a fun great week !

  2. What a great week, that fire looks inviting and warm. We had snow here in SWO, south western Ontario. crazy.

  3. It sounds like you had such a wonderful week!! The pictures are fabulous...all except for the snow!! Brr!! Doesn't Mother Nature know it's May??!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Busy little week, I'd say! I feel your pain with the snow. You know we're going right to summer?

  5. Looks like it was a fun, full week for you, Tracy!

  6. Fabulous week and yay cottage time :-) Snow no no no :-)

  7. It looks like you had fun inside and out with only manageable obstacles.


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