Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Walk About

It snowed the other day and I wanted to take in all of the beauty around me.
I am lucky enough to live in such a beautiful country.
I am also lucky to live in an area that has the conveniences of the city but close enough to the country to be able to see and have nature all around me.

I took out my "Big Boy" camera....he has been in my camera bag far to long.
Just a side note, I still shoot in auto mode as I am to lazy to learn how to use it in manual, lol.
Also these photos look like they are in black and white....nope, it was an over cast day, but still was beautiful.

This is a shot through our back fence to the bush behind our yard....which I have found a family of deer a time or two.

I think the birdbath is a bit frozen over.
As my daughter joked...the birds can skate on it, teehee.

Here is a trail behind our house.
Where does it lead to?
The which our (not to smart) city took down the play structure BEFORE summer and didn't put up any other play structure for the kids in the neighbourhood.

More trees behind our yard.

Oh look some colour, teehee.
Yard decor I haven't yet put away for the winter.

I keep my garden angel up all year round.
I like the aged look it has taken on.

Looking at my yard pictures, I noticed I didn't put any of my yard decor away, lol.

One last photo of the trees.
So beautiful.

As much as I love the look of snow, I don't like the cold weather that comes with it.
Can you believe that it rained the next day and all the snow melted...except for the huge snowbank beside our driveway.
But don't worry, after the rain, the snow came again.

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful pictures, lovely walk to the park, too bad the city isn't on the ball with the equipment for the children. I also love the look of snow but not the cold.

  2. Lovely snaps, I like how the snow really highlights all the details of line and form.

  3. Snow beautiful! :) I especially love the shot through your fence.

  4. Beautiful photos. I did the same thing this morning.


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