Monday, June 26, 2017

Cottage weekend up at our camp

We had an excellent weekend up at the cottage... despite the weather.
It rained almost all weekend.
Friday we went and visited the owners of the English River Motel.
Louis gave Sawyer a gift last weekend, so we delivered a Thank You card to her and her husband Bruce.
I rained while we were there, so Heather and Kristy came with umbrellas.
Look how they are protecting Prince Sawyer from the rain...such sweet aunties :)

We are so so excited to have babies loons up at the lake again!!!
It has been years since we have had loons as the eagle usually get to them :(
But this year they made it....and there are 2 babies!!

The rain let up enough for us to do a few chores around the camp.
This is Ashley cutting some over hanging branches from her grandpa's camp, which is right beside us.
What you don't see is that she is standing on the quad to reach them...I am also on the quad making sure the brakes are working as it is a steep downhill.

Sawyer really enjoys sticking his tongue out.
Well he kept doing this while Kristy fed him is baby cereal, lol.

Sawyer has also discovered the remote control.
He wasn't happy, so Aunty Heather gave him the remote, that sure made him happy.

Sawyer has a lot of toys, but when he is up at our camp, he seems to prefer to play with empty water bottles, empty cardboard egg containers and yogurt containers with the lid and his toys inside.

Sunday morning Sawyer and Grandpa Wayne enjoyed watching the F1 races together.

We were able to have a fire on Sunday late afternoon as the rain stopped....for a bit.
It was so cold outside as well, so the fire warmed me up a bit .
That is it for our weekend is our Canada Day long weekend and the whole family is coming up:)

Today I have been organizing my old photos of my relatives.
I wish my family lived closer so they could talk to me about these photos I have.
I think I have them in order now though.
Some photos are just copies of photos...but are still so special to me.

Thank you all so much for coming and visiting me on my blog...I love to read your sweet comments :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend camping with family! How exciting to celebrate Canada Day with everyone! I'll be on vacation during that time, so I thought I would wish you & your family a Wonderful Canada Day! Big Hugs! See ya when I get back! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  2. Sounds like you and your family had a great time at the camp even though it rained. Your grandson is so adorable!

  3. Time at the cottage is wonderful rain or shine. Gorgeous photo of the loon, and sweet pictures of Sawyer, my he is getting big and is a cutie pie. Happy Canada Day

  4. Oh to have loons & babies especially. We only get the loons early spring as they rest mid point before flying north. I like their "call" so wild. Looks like your baby is capturing hearts & laps :)

  5. What a beautiful time you had! That pic of the duck with her babies on her back is just amazing! Never seen that before. So while you all were enjoying your dgs she was enjoying her babies too. LOL!

    1. Hi Kelly :)
      Those are loons :)
      We are so happy that they have survived this year as every year for the last 7 or 10 years, the eagle has got the babies :(

  6. What a wonderful retreat! And that baby---so precious!

  7. Wonderful photos and Ashley is as bad as you for standing on things that shouldn't be stood on LOL!


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